Showdown Thursday USA VS. GHANA

Updated: June 18, 2006




What a Saturday

if you still don’t like Soccer

you are Hopeless

might as well

End your Pathetic Existence

( just kidding ?? )

Little Ghana and Mighty USA or is it Mighty Ghana and Little USA both put on a Show at the World Cup to enthrall us all. Ghana surprising the Czech Republic 2-0 for African’s First World Cup Victory. And USA’ s heroic tie against Giant Italy 1-1. Together producing THE match of this World Cup so far on Thursday.

10AM on the East Coast, 5AM if you find yourself in Hawaii, African and America Battle for Supremacy. Translated as the right to advance into the next Round of the Cup. Or if you prefer Vindication. The only True Losers by the standards of the World’s Ultimate Sports Event is getting booted in Round 1.

After that it is single game sudden death elimination. From there on to the Final on Sunday July 9th your favorite team can claim a “Moral Victory” and attribute losing to Bad Luck, the Demons, Corrupt Officiating, Anything whatsoever that makes you happy while vowing to do better in 2010.

With Ghana we have a legitimate Cinderella Team who will become the Darlings of World Cup if they beat USA and more to the point advance to the Second Round. They would also having all of African Dreaming the Dream of Dreams. No not an end to colonialism, or poverty, or brutal dictators, or horrible disease, nor a better life for all, or peace, or widespread posterity no no no.

The Dream of Dreams

an African nation winning

The World Cup

Which if you would believe some would so energize this huge troubled Continent that all its problems would be solved, and the fortunes of everyone would advance all of African would be so uplifted by the World Cup.

May sound ridiculous

but it makes a Point about

The World Cup and

the world we live in

As for the USA the stakes would be as high except that here in the States still too many Americans don’t get it. Don’t even consider Soccer a sport in their limited minds. To make another point most Matches including the first USA match AND PROBABLY THURSDAY’S ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN are only available on ESPN2 in the U.S. That’s right the only nation on Earth that relegates World Cup to the equivalent of some secondary sports event..

While on ABC which holds the rights

they would rather run

Mindless Soaps

Anyway USA’s spirited game against Italy who was expected to CRUSH USA and send the Americans home True Losers with their second consecutive Loss and NO chance to Advance, rather startled the Italians and were it not for being forced to play a man short then two and except for having a Goal from African American DeMarcus Beasley disqualified USA would be sitting pretty.

Still USA is Alive

And in the never ending irony of Sports the entire USA team after praying for themselves for Thursday will spend every other waking moment praying for Italy to prevail over the Czechs in their game Thursday morning ( our time ) being played simultaneously with the USA – Ghana game.

All over Africa it will be the Same

for different reasons

If Ghana wins win Thursday playing USA they go to Round Two no matter the outcome of Italy vs. Czech Republic. But if Ghana simply Ties USA and Italy wins Ghana still goes to Round 2. Even if Italy and the Czech Republic Tie as well Ghana goes to Round 2 because they beat Czech Republic. But not so for USA which can ONLY advance on a Victory .

Scoring and the like about

Saturday’s Matches

can be found


The purpose of our Story is to go beyond the stats and even the stars of the games to the Deeper Realties that make all this Riveting, and explaining again why Sports may be Sports but it is so Much More.

So put aside

your Sports Biases

Open your Mind

Thursday morning

also put aside

your boring work

find a Way to

Watch World Cup

USA vs. Ghana

Pure Drama

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….