Ready Set Go Gatlin Vs. Powell

Updated: June 9, 2006



What do you get

when you mix

an African American

with a Black Jamaican

One Great Race

if you pick the Right Two

That is exactly what the London Grand Prix has done in a race that will take place at their Crystal Palace on July 28th. Then FINALLY we will learn who is truly the current World’s Fastest Man as determined by popular myth by the record holder in the 100 meter sprint.

It is unclear right now.

Both claim the Title

Gatlin and Powell are listed in the Books as the world record holders at 9.8 seconds. After Gatlin’s. 9.77 time in Qatar last month was “adjusted” back to 9.8 seconds. After track officials decided to apply the rule that times will not be listed to the hundredth of a second because they are unreliable.

For his part Powell dismisses Justin Gatlin’s now unofficial record claiming it was strong winds at his back that propelled Gatlin to his record time. Even if Powell was nowhere near Doha in Qatar the day of that Big Race.

Asafa Powell may have

a far bigger problem

July 28th

Gatlin is clearly out performing him this year in their so far separate race schedules. Wind or no wind. So far Powell has not raced once in 2006 with times between 9.9 seconds and 9.8 seconds. Gatlin has done so FOUR times in 2006. Powell’s best this year a “slow” 9.95 seconds.

Powell says he is holding back

so far this season

because of injury

he’d better not July 28th

The Odds will clearly favor

Justin Gatlin

Unless Justin Gatlin suffers an injury these next 2 months or Powell develops unexpected strength or his injury has really been holding him back but heals by July 28th. What we do know is that this is The Race of Lifetime for both. That neither can afford to hold back. Each will try to run as they never have before in their entire careers. And the real goal of each will be a clear new world record in winning the Race. That may prove very unlikely and far too difficult.

Justin Gatlin based on current runs is likely to blow right past Powell figuratively speaking. But hey in the world in which they compete a tenth of one second is an Infinity. Runners consistently one tenth of one second slower than Gatlin and Powell are forever second class in the eyes of the Track World. For Gatlin and Powell the Dream for July 28th is taking not only sole possession of the Title of the World’s Fastest Man. But becoming the World’s Fastest Man EVER.

That would mean

running 100 meters

in 9.7 seconds

a full 1/10 second

faster than their

shared Record

wind or no wind

London is Waiting

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