Updated: June 20, 2006



The Transformation of

Broadcast is

picking up Steam

No where is there more Change taking place than in Sports. And Sports is the perfect window into Tomorrow. Why the traditional broadcast and cable networks will soon become Completely Irrelevant. And why the players read African American Players should Wake Up.

On its Website Monday the NFL rather quietly makes what may be the most important announcement since the formation of the NFL early in the 20th century.. We will quote from it to make their Point …..

“NFL Network announced the completion of 75 affiliation agreements with cable companies to carry the 24-hour, year-round football channel from the National Football League — including the rights to air its prime time regular season games this fall. …… NFL Network will televise 168 football games in 2006, including pre-season, regular season, game re-airs, NFL Europe League, the Insight Bowl and Senior Bowl games, in addition to the most robust and popular sports Video-On-Demand content in the industry.”

As Dorothy in the

Wizard of Oz would say

” Toto we aren’t in Kansas anymore ”

We’re in the Future

We are witnessing the inevitable process of the NFL beginning to tell CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN to Go To Hell. Or more to the Point we soon won’t need you at all. We meaning the NFL can sell our PRODUCT football directly to the Consumer and do it GLOBALLY as well with NO Middle Man.

As we have written Before

the next Step will be

sever the networks

All Together

Why split ALL those Billions $$ in advertising revenue with these Other Guys for NO reason, with CBS, NBC, ABC, ESPN collectively making far more from ad revenues than the cost of their contracts with the NFL, or giving the traditional nets any control over Content OR have any Barriers between the NFL, its fans and all the aspects of their Selling Machine such as NFL Merchandise.

Broadcasting direct over Broadband on what is still known as the Internet soon to simply be known as Broadcast pure and simple, Going DIRECT to consumer as fans watch the games and the interview shows, and everything else on NFL Network, fans can be buying and buying some More.


the actors who star in these shows

known as NFL football games

That’s the Problem if

Players don’t

Wake up

Right now players compensation is based on the players in total dividing up about 60% of the TV revenues the NFL brings in from the contracts with the various networks. This translates into a wide range of player contracts plus a guaranteed minimum salaries for any NFL player even the most lowly. Also included are pension benefits most players will receive.

But once the NFL is

a self contained Selling Machine

the players should demand

Full Partnership

Meaning rather than just being salaried employees they should demand equity participation. There is NO NFL and NO NFL Network without the players. And the NFL really isn’t simply in a position to go out and hire other “actors” for its shows if the current players are unhappy with the current deal.

In other words

when NFL Network

is doing its own Broadcasting

it in effect becomes

The Company

The 32 individual teams are really “stockholders” in the prime money maker the NFL NETWORK. In fact it is very likely NFL NETWORK once it become the PRIME really the only direct broadcasters of its own games, etc. will do a MASSIVE IPO and sell shares to the PUBLIC making the NFL and the 32 team owners even far richer while the PLAYERS REMAIN SALARIED EMPLOYEES and receive none of the Value or the Benefit.

In other words

Compare NFL Network to a “start up” company build on the talent and the appeal of its loyal employees who in effect are “partners” in the venture and that company telling those all important employees that a few “managers” are going to take the Company PUBLIC and keep ALL the money they make as a result ALL for themselves with the loyal employees getting Nothing.

That is not how it works

in the real world except

as it will in the NFL

and other Sports

Because Baseball and Basketball and Hockey are all headed in the same direction and so will every other sports league big and small because the traditional broadcast networks are about to become irrelevant soon.

The NFL with over 70% of its players Black should benefit mightily by this coming transfer of Wealth but don’t expect they will. As always settling for Crumbs off the Table. Just as long as the Crumbs appear BIG.

The NFL players collectively should DEMAND that 50% of the EQUITY in NFL Network be placed in a fund for them and owned by the players collectively to draw on, and that accordingly the PLAYERS have 50% of the seats on the Board of Directors of NFL Network.

Of course this Box will be greeted

by NFL players and their agents

as nothing less than Radical

and “impossible”

because we’re still living

down on the Plantation.

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….