NBA Players ‘Maestro’ G. William Hunter

Updated: June 1, 2006



If you were around in 1955

and paying attention to

Little League World Series

if you noticed a young Black kid

named Billy Hunter pitching

in the first integrated


you can be forgiven

for not realizing

who he would Become

The most powerful African American in the history of Basketball even though he never wore an NBA uniform. Since 1996 Hunter has been Executive Director of the NBA Players Association. His 10 year longevity is but one indicator of his influence and his power and the regard the players have for him nd his Leadership.

It should not surprise to learn Mr. Hunter is an Attorney and in the past served as a U.S. Attorney for the entire northern district of California. Or that he was a professional; athlete. No not baseball as in his Little League days, nor basketball where he makes his mark today but as an NFL player. Believe it or not deserving to be remembered for playing the rarest of rare positions for any African American to this day in the NFL. Hunter was a Kicker for both the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins. That following being Captain of the football team at Syracuse University.

After leaving the NFL with an appreciation many players lack for their long term future, Hunter received his law degree from Howard University in 1966, followed quickly by a Master of Law from Berkeley in 1970. Had he stopped at that point and “disappeared” his life was already a fascinating success story.

But the best remained to be written.

Prosecutor in the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, them First Assistant District Attorney in the powerful San Francisco DA’s office. President Carter appointed Mr. Hunter as a United States Attorney in 1977. It is probably due to one of his rare failures that he leads the Players Union today. He ran for the U.S. Congress in 1990 from California but lost. If not it might well be U.S. Senator Hunter today, or Speaker of the House Hunter after November’s election.

Instead the government’s loss

became the NBA players gain

in 1996 until today

G. William Hunter has overseen the ever increasing success of the NBA from the players perspective to the point that now on average NBA players are the highest paid players in the history of American sports. Surpassing both the average MLB and NFL player. With a devoted wife and 3 very successful grown children. with residences in California and New York City, in his early 60s he is at the top of his Game, and recently signed a new 6 year contract to continue leading the Players Association.

Needless to say

Hunter should be

a leading candidate

to be the next

NBA Commissioner

except the owners will never appoint

The Players Choice

too Bad for

the NBA

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