My Two Cents

By Tony McClean
Updated: June 28, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — Some random thoughts while humming the tune “Brass Bonanza”, the eternal theme song of the old Hartford Whalers, now the (can you believe it?) Stanley Cup Champion Carolina Hurricanes.

That sighing you hear in the background are the many green, blue, and while clad fans of the Nutmeg State’s former professional team. As my colleague L.A. Batchelor stated last week, there are still many Whaler fans all around the state of Connecticut.
Needless to say, but a part of them died just a little last Monday night when the Canes brought Lord Stanley’s Cup to Raleigh.
So how do they feel about seeing the “Whalers” win the Stanley Cup? Just imagine if one of your college buddies started dating one of your ex-girlfriends. Can you say awkward??
Here’s my two cents:
So let me get this straight, Philadelphia’s Brett Myers can assault his wife, plead not guilty, and not miss a turn on the Phillies’ rotation, but Ozzie Guillen is a “menace to society”? Let me say that I’m not going dismiss Ozzie’s boorish comments, but it’s absolutely amazing that MLB didn’t step in and at least fine and or suspend Myers. I know that all folks are innocent until proven guilty, but Bud Selig’s pick and choose style of punishment is beyond gutless. Much like O.J., I guess the former car dealer is “looking for the real killers”.
More on Guillen: It’s become known now that Ozzie’s anti-gay comments came during what was supposed to be an off the record conversation with other members of the media. Again not to condone his comments, but it’s interesting how the eras of media have changed over the years. Back in the day, the media hid the indiscretions of the athletes of the day (i.e. Babe Ruth’s womanizing, Ty Cobb’s racist views) and made heroes of them. Now when the media is looking to make an example of someone, they don’t even have to be in the lockeroom. However, having that noted scholar John Rocker speaking on your behalf can’t really be a plus for Ozzie.
Note to Bruce Arena and the all U.S. Soccer Team apologists: I may not know all the subtleties of the sport, but even a child knows that two goals in three games just doesn’t cut it. One minute you’re beating your chest about being an “elite” squad and then three games later, you’re bitching about having such a hard draw in the World Cup. If you wanna sit at the grown up table in soccer, be prepared to play at an elite level and stop playing the “we wuz robbed” card. As bad as the men’s basketball team played, I don’t remember them make excuses for their ineptitude.
So did everyone enjoy the Jim and Isiah Show on MSG earlier this week? After watching this year’s hellacious team, longtime Knick fans were longing for the pre-Ewing days when Pat Cummings (YIKES!!) and Eddie Lee Wilkins (DOUBLE YIKES!!) were on the roster. The fate of New York’s NBA representative (Hey, they gotta earn the right to called the Knicks again!!) is now in the hands of Mary Thomas’ little boy. Unfortunately for all those involved, Mr. Dolan will still be there. Too bad the NBA can’t step in and save the franchise from itself like they did when the Cleveland Cavaliers were being run (into the ground!!!) by the evil Ted Stepien.
One man’s All-Star Ballot: American League starters: 1B-David Ortiz (remember, no DH in Pittsburgh), 2B-Tadahito Iguchi, SS-Miguel Tejada, 3B-Joe Crede, OF-Vernon Wells, Manny Ramirez, Jermaine Dye, C-A.J. Pierzynski, SP-Jose Contreras; National League starters: 1B-Albert Pujols, 2B-Dan Uggla, SS-Jose Reyes, 3B-David Wright, OF-Carlos Beltran, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, C-Johnny Estrada, SP-Tom Glavine.
Okay, that’s my two cents. The next time I talk to you the pennant races will be heated up, we’ll know who was the first pick in the NBA Draft and we’ll be that much closer to football camps opening.
I can’t wait. Peace.