Mourning In America Africa’s Gain Is USA Loss

Updated: June 23, 2006



Ghana was playing

for all of Africa

USA was playing

on ESPN and

no one was watching

( rhetorically speaking )

As a result Ghana knocked USA out of the World Cup Thursday as we so intelligently predicted would be the likely Outcome. Yes the score was “only” 2-1. Yes the difference was a “controversial” ( in U.S. minds ) Penalty Kick. So what. This is how Soccer is played and USA could have Won but didn’t.

The fact is USA didn’t win any of their 3 games and scored only ONE goal in those three games. Their only other goal was a gift scored by an Italian player Saturday. The USA is going home and the improbable Ghana team is going on to Round 2 because the Africans get it and Americans don’t.

Soccer is by Far

by FAR

the Biggest Sport

on Earth

USA displays the same myopic view of Sports as our Ruling Class EXCUSE ME Opinion Leaders display toward everything else in the World. A comment Old Henry Kissinger made to Charlie Rose Wednesday night on his show males the Point. He told of speaking with Condi Rice last week and she asking him to convince her Soccer wasn’t some mindless game about kicking a Ball.

Exactly the Comment

you’d expect from

George Bush’s

Secretary of State

Actually Ghana is VERY lucky the Bushies don’t have a Clue. If they understood the importance of Thursday’s Match is there any doubt VP Cheney would have told the CIA to either bribe or threaten ( kill if need be ?? ) the Officials and/or some key Ghana players.

Sports are Life and no where more than in Soccer. The attitude of the U.S. toward soccer where ABC/Disney played this pivotal Match in which life virtually stopped ALL over Africa here broadcast on ESPN while on flagship ABC the dumbest, mindless, most moronic shows ever invented were being broadcast.

Sports are Life

USA is increasingly once again drifting further and further from the Reality in the rest of the World. Soccer makes that Point every bit as much as the USA invading Iraq even as most of the world was Opposed and saw nothing more than USA Imperialism. Today as the Bush Administration and the Republicans renewed their support for the Invasion accusing Democratic opponents as “traitors” USA was suffering another MAJOR defeat while the world CHEERED for Ghana.

Ghana 2 USA 1



Being even more specific USA stands by and does virtually NOTHING for Africa except exploit it and support with weapons those who toe the USA line and reflect militaristic Right Wing Bush policies. Almost $400 Billion (in total really more) WASTED in invading and occupying Iraq ……

……… while our POSITIVE assistance to Africa over the same period is far less than $1Billion for ALL of Africa more than 100 times larger than Iraq. And most of the so called USA foreign aide to Africa that are not weapons are USDA farm products to prevent starvation after USA has starved African agriculture almost out of existence. And as we sent and keep over 100,000 American soldiers in Iraq while in the Sudan hundreds of thousands of innocent African children, women and men are slaughtered by criminal war lords some even funded by USA.

Back on the Home Front

and back on the Soccer Field

One very logical way to characterize Team USA’s underlying Weakness is the small number of African American players. Look at most of the successful teams including the powerhouse European and South American teams they ALL have more players with BLACK skin on their teams than does USA.

USA’s failure to be concerned that Soccer has been overwhelmingly a White Sport here in the United States is another Indictment of USA and a refection of Soccer as Life. Look at pro teams, look at all the many NCAA college soccer teams both male and female, look at high schools and grammar schools and youth soccer leagues ALL across America. You see a Sea of White Faces only occasionally broken up by one or two African Americans on the Pitch.


because no one

gives a Damn

If we were a European country with their passion for Soccer but the demographic character of the United States and with the success of Black players in other very similar sports such as what we call Football, in Basketball and in Track & Field, if our country was in Europe GUARANTEED well over half of the Players representing USA in the World Cup would be Black.

As it is

Beasley and Johnson

two African Americans

( and a few others )

on Team USA were

our Best Hope


World Cup 2006 and the results for USA are a strong case for CHANGE. Change in how we view Soccer and how we support Soccer. The far more powerful message for CHANGE reflected …..

….. in the World Cup is off the soccer field. It is that USA’s performance and attitude toward most matters is completely out of synch and that we are going in the OPPOSITE direction from the rest of the World.

There is a common perception

of our Convoluted Reality

in the invasion of Iraq

and Soccer

in how we treat

the rest of the world

and Soccer

of our priorities

and Soccer

of the place of African Americans

in American society

and Soccer

in the Bush Administration

and Soccer

USA has it all Wrong


Ghana & Africa

Teaching US

a Lesson

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