Guillen’s A Loose Cannon And Sox Need To Defuse Him Quickly

By Gregory Moore
Updated: June 22, 2006

SAN ANTONIO – Ozzie Guillen might want to start keeping his opinions to himself. The loose cannon who is the Chicago White Sox’s manager doesn’t like Jay Mariotti and I’m quite sure Mariotti isn’t sending Ozzie any Christmas cards. But that’s not the case.

In this country, politically correctness does account for something and sensitivity is a requirement. Evidently Guillen thinks that his Venezuelan heritage allows him to be a pompous ass.

Well if the White Sox were smart, they would do something about this situation by suspending Guillen for 20 games and send him to some type of anger management.

Whatever Mariotti wrote about the Sox, Guillen’s handling of situations or anything else in his columns is irrelevant right now. Guillen’s utter refusal to admit any wrongdoing is tantamount to exactly why baseball needs to start cleaning up its act.

What could Mariotti write that would have a baseball manager to assassinate his character in such fashion? Was it the fact that Guillen screwed up the handling of a minor league player a week or so ago? Hey Ozzie, news bulletin; you ‘fubard’ that situation in Oz fashion. Was it the fact that Jay is riding Guillen on something? Well here’s a solution for Guillen? Grow up and man up.

What Guillen doesn’t understand is that this mano mas macho persona that he puts on is actually making him look quite like some foreign born vagrant that he is portraying in his speech. Even his reasoning showcases why the Sox need to intervene quickly.

“I’ve been here for 20 years, but people have to know that I grew up in a different country. That’s not an excuse. I called the guy that name, but, no, that’s the way I grew up, that’s the way I’ve learned that language.” That’s the statement many would expect from someone who just didn’t know better and to also say that he made Mariotti a lot of money and become famous is downright laughable. I don’t think Mariotti consulted Guillen on a career choice by any stretch of the imagination.

But if the Sox don’t want to step up to the plate and put one of their employees in line, then they need to distance themselves from him as much as possible.

Ozzie Guillen is a loose cannon and it is time for Jerry Reisndorf to either has a heart to halt with Guillen on his choice of words or he will be replaced by somebody who understands that you cannot use such language. The White Sox ownership need to do this because it really does set a bad precedent that they will never be able to race.

I mean we’re talking about a class war here between two men. Mariotti, to his defense wasn’t even around when Guillen’s words were being recorded by the other scribes in existence but the world of technology has definitely kept him abreast.

The problem with this ugly scene is that as long as the White Sox allow Guillen to go off like this unchecked, the more he will continue to degenerate, decimate and basically attack people because he’s some Major League Baseball manager in an organization that turns a blind eye.

There is no excuse for this behavior and somebody needs to step in and shut Ozzie up. After all we sure would hate to see a defamation lawsuit take place just because of Ozzie’s Venezuelan upbringing (his words, not mine).

AMAZING WHAT AN $12K BIKE WILL DO THESE DAYS Was scanning the RSS reader files the other day and I came across a story in which Kellen Winslow, Jr. has been working out at the Cleveland Browns’ mini camp this past weekend and he seemed to be looking pretty good.

Meantime Jay Williams has been working out himself and he is trying to get back into the NBA. Both of these players had some serious injuries that involved some high-powered motorcycles a few years ago and both of them said they would never get on another bike. I

ronically, Ben Rothleisberger has said the same thing since his crash last Monday. It’s amazing what a near death experience and $12,000 worth of machinery will do for your clarity these days.

As fun as these bikes can be, guys like the three mentioned cannot do what many ‘average’ individuals may do with these machines. When you are a professional athlete, you are adhering to a set of rules that very few have to live by.

In many of the contracts that professional athletes sign, there are provisions that exclude the riding of motorcycles and partaking in risky endeavors. In the case of these three and others, they all decided to not adhere to the warnings of friends, family and coaches and went out on their own with these bikes and ended up on the wrong end of the handlebars.

Luckily for all three of them they are getting a second chance at life and at their professional athletic careers. Good for them. But this really needs to be a lesson to every athlete out there thinking they are invincible. Nobody is invincible and your life can be taken away from you at any given moment.

Want to ride something with horsepower? Wait until after your career is over.