Collapse Avery Johnson’s Worst Nightmare

Updated: June 22, 2006



You can go on-line

or off-line and

read endless Articles

about why Miami won

or Dallas lost the

NBA Finals

We’ll have none of that. Go elsewhere for the Superficial. Here we drill down to Bed Rock. Where all the Sports Jocks dread to go. But we are Fearless. Here in the Box. A you know we know Sports is Life.

What goes on on the Court and the Fields is really the “play of life.” These actors use basketballs and footballs and say they play positions rather than roles. But it is no different than King Lear or A Raisin in the Sun.

So here we have

Avery Johnson and his Invincible Mavericks triumphant in Dallas masters of the first two games. Going to Miami to complete their slaughter of the Heat. Sure they technically had to win 2 more games. Yes maybe they would even have to come home for a 6th game. Although that seemed unlikely.

Then Reality struck

The Mavs did not lose because of Dwayne Wade, or Shaquille O’Neal, or Pat Riley or the Miami crowd or bad officiating or Bad Luck. The Mavericks lost because they did not understand how to win and that Failure must be placed at Avery Johnson’s feet. No where else. Period.

More so that Avery Johnson played in an amazing 90 post-season games himself during his recent career. Avery Johnson should have had his team leaving Dallas after winning the first 2 games in FEAR of losing the series.

Rather than ready to Party in Miami

Because the Heat were in desperate shape, Cornered about to be Humiliated in their own City to be mocked by the same fans and city that had hailed them only days earlier.. Danger is also at its greatest when your Opponent is trapped, about to be annihilated, killed allegorically. If not in Reality.

At that point anyone a wild animal or humans either collapse OR put all fears aside and fight as they have never done before. If they collapse they collapse. But that is not a Strategy. Strategy is to assume being trapped your Opponent will prove stronger, fiercer, more determined than they have ever.

In fact to rise to a level

that might even seem


Avery Johnson should have

known the Signs

Been the one to insure it was the Mavericks who played Game #3 like there was literally NO tomorrow just as there would not have been for Miami if they had gone down and the series became 3-0 in favor of the Mavs.

Only once in the history of Baseball, or Hockey or Basketball the 3 sports with a 7 game finals format has any team come back from a 3 game to none deficit. Over hundreds of championship series encompassing 3 sports it has only happened 3 times. That is virtually impossible to do.

But 2-0 it happens

again and again

if not often

And why it should have been the Mavericks playing like their lives depended on winning Game #3. Even worse for them they were up by 13 points early in Game #3 and managed to lose. Those 13 points were the nails in their coffin. Being up 13 points in Game #3 after winning they first two games they could surely relax subconsciously if not obviously and physically their minds telling them this series was over and they the Mavericks are to be Champs.

Except they weren’t

It is that very moment in the first half of Game #3 that Dallas was 13 points ahead of Miami they they in fact LOST the NBA Championship. At the very height of their Finals play became the exact point that their fall into the Abyss began.

Because Miami knew

what Dallas didn’t

That was the point where the Heat knew they has nothing and everything to lose at that very moment. And the Miami players responded by reaching as deep as they could while the Dallas players literally became spectators in their own Demise. Then having won Game #3 Miami knew they really could do the “impossible” and come back IF they could just win Game #4.

And they did

At that Point it was a brand new series and the Dallas edge from the first two games was not only completely gone but the Momentum had shifted to Miami’s side. If they could just WIN Game #5 at home and go up 3 Games to 2, they could go back to Dallas and win their first Championship. Ever.

And they did


in OT

Which brings us back to Game #3 which in retrospect Dallas now knows much too late was the Game they had to Win. They needed to play Game #3 like there was NO tomorrow. Instead they allowed the Miami Heat to take the Court believing they had to win. And did.

The Blame for that Failure

cannot be placed on any

Player on the Mavs

no matter their


That Blame can only rest

One Place

with the Head Coach

who is ultimately


for his Team

This was

Avery Johnson’s Loss

and the most valuable lesson

of his entire Career.

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