Can Derrek Lee Save Dusty Baker

Updated: June 26, 2006



It is Possible

nothing on Earth

can save Dusty Baker’s job

managing the Chicago Cubs

if anything can it is

The Return of

fellow African American

Derrek Lee

It is a Long Shot but it may be all that Baker has left. The Cubs are floundering near the bottom of the National League. Batting Champion and Triple Crown Contender Derrek Lee has been out more than 8 weeks with a severe shoulder injury. He is close to returning to Wrigley Field.

His is one of many injuries that have decimated the Cubs in 2006 but somebody specific has to take the Wrap for a very poor season. Managers are readily available targets. They don’t get paid to Lose. No matter the excuse.

Unfortunately African American managers are few and far between in Baseball and if Baker gets Canned it make things that much worse. There is the NY Mets’ Willie Randolph who may be the most secure manager in Baseball today. But after that it looks Dismal. It is almost a forgone conclusion this is Frank Robinson’s last season managing the Washington Nationals.

As for Dusty Baker

he is Dead Man Walking

He came to Chicago from the Giants with great promise a few seasons ago. In fact to bring the Cubs what they have not had longer than any other team in Baseball now. NO World Championship for almost 100 years.

Dusty Baker is not

going to get the Cubs there

Because it cannot happen this season and if Baker keeps his job to the end of this season, that will inevitably be his finest achievement as manager of the Cubs. Chicago was Crushed by the Twins Sunday afternoon 8-1. With Derrek Lee in the line up we should add. For the first time in 59 games.

As of Sunday evening they are , that is 14 games out of 1st Place and only 3 1/2 games better than the Last Place Pittsburgh Pirates ( who by the way fired their African American manager last season only to get even worse this season ).

Along with the very worst team in the Majors Kansas City, the Royals, the Pirates and the Cubs are clearly the 3 teams with the worst records in all of Major League Baseball. Not exactly security for Dusty.

Not that Baker is accepting the Fact. How often does anybody on the verge of being Fired allow themselves to believe it. No Dusty is keeping his chin high. Making it a very inviting target. Here is Baker ” we have a lot of the season left.” He goes on to contend he can do this and he can do that.

Most of all he says

bringing back Derrek Lee

Baker’s Savior in Waiting

Beyond Lee here is more of

Baker in his own words ….

” “Right now, to tell you the truth, I’m not worried about [my job] because worry does no good,” Baker said. “I know what I can do. My track record speaks for itself. It’s not like I started yesterday. It’s a little disheartening how soon people forget [my track record], or the fact that I haven’t had my team. I’ve had a dozen starters, and six, seven of them have been rookies.”

It’s all true except

it is always easy to

make the Manager

The Fall Guy

Might as well let Dusty Baker

defend himself some more …

” “I don’t like losses, but I don’t get beat down easily,” Baker said. “If I was going to get beat down, I would’ve been beat down a long time ago. You can’t beat me down. It won’t happen. I’ve been through too much. I’ve been through the Marines, I’ve been on good teams, I’ve been on bad teams.”

“The one thing is, how you do your job and how you’re perceived of doing your job isn’t necessarily how you are,” he said. “I know me. I know who I am. I know what I can do. I’m very confident. When things get tough, I get tougher. I’m a tough dude. I’ve been tough a long time.”

And this ….

” “If it is, I’m still doing the best I can do,” he said. “I’m doing the best I can do on a daily basis. If my job’s in jeopardy, it’s in jeopardy. I’m not the first dude, and I probably won’t be the last dude. If people expect me to quit and roll over, they don’t know me.”

” “No matter what’s happened in my life, I’ve come out of it,” he said. “There’ve been times when I was down and out, but guess what, I came out of it. I’ve got faith, I work hard, I’ve got the desire, and I believe in God and I believe in me.”

And a closing Comment from Dusty ….

” “I’ve been hearing that Dusty’s in trouble most of my life,”

Say Amen Dusty

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