Black George Washington

Updated: June 21, 2006



The Better Known

George Washington

also spent time in


But nowhere near as much as Boxing Legend George Washington. The Earlier George came to Brooklyn to do Battle with the British in the summer of 1776, quickly retreated out of there never to return.

Our George Washington the Trainer came to Brooklyn and made his headquarters on Marcus Garvey Boulevard at the Bed-Stuy Boxing Center over 20 years ago and never left until the Great Bell in the Sky rang for him last week.

George Washington

Dead at 79

Not before George had established himself as Legendary in his Profession as well as the Original George did in his. Already the calls are growing loud for George Washington to be enshrined in the Boxing Hall of Fame.

Here is why

GW devoted his life to the Sport in a way that is beyond pretense and reflected a love of Boxing that carried far beyond the roar of the crowd or the quest for the Purse. If GW had Glory Days it was long ago and only as an amateur fighting while a U.S. Marine fighting in both World War II and the Korean War. The kind of Fighting you do for your Country and where losing often means Death.

But just as well

George Washington found

time and passion

to become

Boxing Champion of the South Pacific

while a U.S. Marine

winning 100 of 114 Fights

with 80 KOs

It was after leaving the Marines, and after being a sparring partner for Joe Louis during that same period, afterwards that his Legend took hold and grew. Not even as much for the famous Fighters he trained including Heavy Weight Champ Riddick Bowe, Nate Boyd and the most acclaimed amateur Mark Breland.

As much as anything his Legend rests as much as anything on the legion of Golden Gloves champions and competitors he so quietly so effectively trained them all the time as an “amateur” trainer himself never giving into the Siren Call of the Big Time Fight Game. And its Excesses.

Not our George Washington

George Washington continued to work in the Real World to support his family working his adult life at two large American corporations during the day and during the week while evenings and weekends he devoted to his “kids.”


George Washington

will never Rival

the Other

except in the World

inhabited by all those

whose Lives he Changed

in the Ring.

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