Bill Rhoden UNBOUND

Updated: June 12, 2006




as you should know

stole FIRE from the Gods

and gave it to Mortals

for his “crime”

Zeus had him Chained

an Eagle to rip at his Flesh

over and over and over

until the End of Time

Since we do Sports here everything looks like Sports to us. That’s the reason for yesterday’s and today’s allusions to Greek mythology. Greeks by the way the original Athletes. As well as “owners” of Slaves.


It took Poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, and more than 2000 years, until 1820 and his Epic Poem ” Prometheus Bound ” to free this God from his Bondage. Much as we are about to flatter New York Times Sports Journalist William Rhoden in ways he may not fully deserve but we are Generous in the Box.

Right here Right now

you are learning

for the First Time

( as we so often break stories )

Bill Rhoden’s new book being published this Summer might prove a Defining Moment in Sports Journalism in America. As to Zeus and Prometheus. Think of The New York Times as Zeus, the “all powerful” God (sic) of American Journalism, and Bill Rhoden as Prometheus – in our very revised version of the myth – finding himself forbidden ( without having to be told ) to express the Truth of the African American Experience of Sports within the pages of The Times, rather unleashes that Truth between the covers of a new book.

If we are right

in our Anticipation

of the Book

( we have not seen )

Certainly the title bodes well for our excitement “$40 MILLION SLAVES.” No mincing words here Rhoden. And you are never going to find that Headline in the sports. pages of The Times. The Table of Contents which we were able to obtain from our sources is also encouraging ……



Chapter 1 The Race Begins: The Dilemma of Chimera

Chapter 2 The Plantation: The Dilemma of Physical Bondage

Chapter 3 The Jockey Syndrome: The Dilemma of Exclusion

Chapter 4 The Negro Leagues: The Dilemma of Myopia

Chapter 5 Integration: The Dilemma of Inclusion Without Power

Chapter 6 Style: The Dilemma of Appropriation

Chapter 7 The Conveyor Belt: The Dilemma of Alienation

Chapter 8 The River Jordan: The Dilemma of Neutrality

Chapter 9 The Forty-Million Dollar Slave: The Dilemma of Wealth Without Control

Chapter 10 The One Who Got Away?: The Dilemma of Ownership


What is probably true is this may be one of the Hot Books of 2006. And Rhoden’s bid for the Olympian Heights of his own Times Best Seller List. Hopefully what it does is FREE him from The Times to spend all his time convincing the many many African American athletes he has covered over the years and knows well and who respect him ……..


to stop Kissing

White Ass

STOP being

$40 Million SLAVES

For Black athletes to FINALLY understand and appreciate widely not only a Few that the White Sports Industry is paying them so much because they need their talent, their competitiveness, their appeal, That OFF field issues are every bit as much THEIR business as what goes on on the Playing Field.

And why Dear Black Athletes

In ALL the sports and now even including Baseball where the White Sports Industry does NOT believe it needs Black athletes to make money they do nothing at all – except useless Lip Service – to cultivate Black athletes for these sports and teams. Let alone coaches and executives.


but the Onus is on Rhoden

if w read him Correctly

He needs to Bright enough, Quick enough, Agile enough to fight his way to Center Stage in the American Consciousness and the American Media with his new book. He has to convince Random House to put maximum priority on marketing the book and putting his on the 4 Star Author Tour traveling all across America appearing on endless interview programs, and countless book signings.

And then

Convince all the other Super Rich African Americans beginning with Queen Oprah that Sports is very important to their interest in Inclusiveness. That using some small parts of their Fortunes and their Influence to bid on and own Major Sports Franchises should be on their Agendas, And that the lack of African Americans as Commissioners, senior League officials, team executives, as broadcasters and managers and coaches is ALL important.

And Rhoden you need

to take a Sabbatical

( at least )

from The Times

to do all This

and More.


Below is as full biography of William Rhoden as it appears in on a Website of the California State University at Fresno and very well done ……

William C. Rhoden has been a sportswriter for The New York Times since 1983, and has written the Sports of The Times column for more than a decade. Previously, he was an editor in the Sunday Week in Review Section where he joined the newspaper in 1981. Before joining The Times, Mr. Rhoden was an associate editor of Ebony magazine from 1974 to 1978, and later spent more than three years with The Baltimore Sun as a columnist and jazz critic.

His work has been recognized by the Associated Press Sports Editors and is distinguished by the breadth and scope of the subject matter and by the manner in which he manages to synthesize contemporary issues and sports into compelling commentary. Rhoden frequently lectures on issues related to sports and society as well as ethics in journalism. His column has been cited in several books on the subjects of sports and society.

Mr. Rhoden recently completed his first book, Lost Tribe Wandering, a political and cultural analysis of African-American athletes, which is scheduled for release in 2005.

Mr. Rhoden has done a considerable number of projects outside of The New York Times , and was the writer on the documentary Journey of the African-American, which won a Peabody Award for Broadcasting. He was a consultant and guest on ESPN’s Sports Century Series, which also won a Peabody. He has been a staple on the award-winning Sports Reporters show for 14 years.

Mr. Rhoden wrote the essay for Grant Hill’s book that accompanied his traveling art exhibit called Something Of Our Own. He also wrote the Harlem Globetrotters piece that appeared in their Anniversary Publicity Package. His articles have appeared in a wide range of publications that include Emerge and Crisis magazines. He is currently working on a documentary for ESPN on African-American athletes.

Rhoden has written liner notes for Earth, Wind & Fire and the Isley Brothers. As a jazz enthusiast, he served as Road Manager for the international tour of the Billy Harper Quartet that made stops in Poland, Romania, Portugal, London, France, Turkey and Spain. He has traveled on assignment to Australia, Greece, Japan and Korea, driven across Cuba from Havana to Santiago de Cuba and across the U. S. in his Volkswagen Beetle.

Mr. Rhoden attended Morgan State University of Baltimore where he was a three-year starter on the football team. He frequently contributed to the school newspaper where he nurtured his love for journalism. After graduating from Morgan, he served as Morgan’s Assistant Sports Information Director.

Mr. Rhoden is married and has one daughter. He lives with his family in New York City.

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