2006 Rookie of the Year Prospect Matthew Kemp

Updated: June 19, 2006



The Baseball Season

is well enough along

that the Stars of 2006

begin to Emerge

One of those Categories are the 2 players who symbolically often for real define the future for Baseball. The Rookie of the Year in each League. You know we are deep into the Season when we and others begin Showcasing those who will probably be in the Running for this prestigious award.

Glory Be

the list includes

an African American

We can thank the Contra Times

from the West Coast

for this Description of

‘our’ Candidate

“None more so than Kemp, 21, who after his recall from Double-A Jacksonville on May 28 did nothing except hit seven home runs and collect 17 RBI in his first 45 at-bats, making him one of only five rookies ever, according to home-run historian David Vincent, to start his career with such a prodigious pace. Kemp is also darned good in center field, so much so that one member of the Dodgers organization said he’ll be a fixture out there for at least a decade.”

That about says Enough

But we’ll give you more. Kemp is an all American young man born and bred in the Great State of Oklahoma. Midwest City, Oklahoma to be exact. Born there 21 years ago on September 23, 1984. Starring in both baseball and basketball in his home town high school this 6‘ 2″ athlete made the Wise Decision to pursue a career in Baseball rather than taking the Lemming approach toward Hoops.

Smart Move

others ought to get

The Message

Granted we must admit there was an additional factor in his life less than common that gave his choice a Boost. Early on he became friends with St. louis Cardinals infielder Junior Spivey. Having a Major Leaguer in your life can definitely influence your decision making process very significant in that Kemp was recruited by the University of Oklahoma to play Basketball.

Kemp said No Thank You

Rather than choosing college he was signed by the LA Dodgers and entered their farm system. He advanced quickly from A Ball to AA Ball playing the Outfield and with a Bat that was quickly felt. Adding to Kemp’s credentials Baseball America named him the best athlete in the entire Dodger farm system.

This spring only 3 weeks ago on May 28, 2006 he made the jump straight from AA to the LA Dodgers’ roster where he fast became a starting player as well as a pinch hitter appearing in 19 games with 62 At Bats already with a .339 battling average to go with his 7 HomeRuns, 18 RBIs and 4 Stolen Bases. Matthew Ryan Kemp is a Complete Package. The Ultimate Accolade.

If you want to use the ESPN

computerized projections

as a Guide to Kemp

They project

at his current rate of play

Kemp will appear in 112 games

with 365 Season At Bats

Batting Average .339

Home Runs 41

RBIs 106

Hits 124

Stolen Bases 24

If he did that go he’d be

an MVP Candidate

the Fantasy Stuff aside

it is proof positive

Matthew Ryan Kemp is

Rookie of the Year Material

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