The Barry Bonds Hate Is Not All About Steroids

By Joe Booker
Updated: May 18, 2006

HOUSTON — Those who believe that baseball star Barry Bonds is hated because of steroids allegations are fooling themselves. It is about surpassing Babe Ruth, who was known for his abuse of alcohol. Did Ruth use some kinds of substance abuse? No one knows and knows one will try to find out.

Display by some Houston fans was uncivilized

Those fans who gave Astros pitcher Russ Springer a standing ovation for hitting Bonds showed uncivilized behavior. Civilized people, regardless how much they hate another, don’t display that kind of behavior. Those who condone it are just as bad.

Will Bonds admit he used steroids stop the hate?

If Bonds would come forth and admit that he used steroids, do you think the hate would stop? This would give more ammunition for those who hate him to use. It is not about steroids. It is about chasing Ruth. Just ask Aaron if he received hate mail? Aaron never used steroids.

Aaron was booed

Some people have short memory. When Hank Aaron was chasing Ruth’s record, he was booed and his life was threatened. No one has ever accused Aaron of using steroids. Why are people pretending to like Aaron, when they hated him when he chased Ruth’s record?

Will all the “Saints” stand who gave Astros pitcher Russ Springer a standing ovation for hitting Bonds? Those who don’t think racism plays a role in the hate that Bonds receives are in denial.

Racism is still alive and kicking

Those who don’t think racism is still alive in the country have been living in a cave or just too proud to own up to it. A racist does not like to be called a racist. When blacks bring racism to the forefront, racists call it “playing the race card.” The Klan does not like to be called racists. They wear a suit and tie now.

Sure, blacks have made gains in the last 40-years through forced legislative actions and civil rights marches. But one thing legislation has not been able to do and that is legislate hate and prejudice. Laws have been enacted to prevent racial behavior, but not racial attitudes. Racism has gotten very sophisticated since those early years of active racial behavior.

Some media promote hate

There are some in the media who play a big role in promoting racism. If you read some sports pages and listen to some talk shows, you will see that some media promote fans to display racial behavior and attitudes. Some media and fans choose their words with caution, but even Willy Foo Foo can read between the lines.

Why do black athletes have to smile on TV?

I have not figured out why so many TV sports commentators mention the “great smile” when they are speaking about black athletes? Why do black athletes have to smile? You can see the phony smile by some black athletes, because they feel they are accepted if they smile all the time.

I never hear sports commentators talk about the smile by non-black athletes. A friend of mine called and told me some of those black athletes are scratching when they smile. I wonder about people who smile all the time when there is nothing funny.

Sports fans are not what they use to be

Sports fans today are not the kind of fans I grew up around. Fans use to cheer players for great performances, but they booed in a respectively manner. When I was a kid I can’t recall an athlete being booed.

We live in a world where good morals are not as important to some as it use to be. Even TV commercials show violence. People in most cases, are kind when it is beneficial to them. The bad guys are the new heroes.

Am I missing something? I didn’t know that Major League Baseball or the Courts had convicted Bonds of using steroids. I forgot, it is not about steroids, it is about chasing Ruth.

Just ask Hank Aaron about chasing Ruth.