Sitting Pretty

Updated: May 3, 2006




What’s that old Saying

A rising tide lifts

all ships

That may be true as far as it goes. But all ships are not created equal. There are row boats that leak and sleek 200 ft. mega yachts riding that tide. It’s the same at NBA basketball games. Now more so that ever. It’s the new trend at arena after arena.

Courtside seats

for a price

and as usual

if you have to ask how much

you probably can’t afford them

So we’ll tell you

for Free

We are taking this opportunity in the heat of the Playoffs to prepare you for next season. Just as the thoughts of many teams and players have already turned there. And as you know next season will here here before you know it.

Besides as you watch high powered Bball for the next month in HD in action packed games like Sunday’s Lakers – Suns overtime duel concentrate on those first row seats. Next season in some cities they can be yours for a Price.

In an age when no income option is left unturned seats that Class A media reporters have enjoyed for generations are being taken away to be made into the best paying seats in the House. Those first row Courtside seats at basketball games are unlike any other seats in any other sport. No where else do Blessed Fans get to experience the action the way these fans do at a Basketball game. In the first row.

First row fans are no more than a yard away from the action and usually nothing between them and the game. And all game long lots of the play happen right in front of them. They hear the players trash talk, see them sweating, hear and feel the bounce of the ball and the referee’s whistle rings in their ears. At any moment there is nothing to stop them from walking on the Court. And getting arrested.

So more and more NBA teams

are marketing Courtside seats

not all of them yet

just yet

Here are those that are and what it will cost you next season per game

Atlanta $1000+
Charlotte $1000
Chicago $600++
Dallas $1300
Detroit $1950
New Jersey $1750
Philadelphia $1190
Phoenix $1600
Seattle $ 750
Toronto $ 800+

After our exhaustive analysis on behalf of our readers, leaving aside your rooting preferences, and where you live which should not be an issue, as we will assume a personal jet, we recommend Dallas a bargain at $1300 per game as these seats also entitle you to all you can eat and drink throughout the game AND waiter service to bring it all to you so you do not have to miss a moment of the action.

Philadelphia also provides all you can eat and drink per game with courtside seats for only $1190 per game and waiter service. There is a condition. They want you to buy TWO seats and for the entire season for $100,000 a pair which includes 2 pre-season games. Sorry not the Playoffs if Philadelphia gets lucky.

The Sixers are one of the teams booting journalists to create Courtside seats. They will now sit up in the rafters behind one of the baskets. A new perspective. Arguably they can still sit Courtside if they want to pay. Not free load.

It’s not a bad deal folks. Let’s say you pay $1200 a seat for 60 minutes of the best basketball around. That is $20 a minute. Your first rate attorney charges you that much and that’s no fun at all. Plus factor in the free food and drink at some arenas. Plus most come with free preferred parking and access to the VIP club.

Get any of that from your attorney

or tax accountant

Keep in mind these seats are limited. At most 10 seats and other teams are offering even less. Another good reason for us to bring you this valuable information long before the new season.

Some of the teams already have waiting lists for the Courtside seats. No surprise there.

What makes no sense to us is that only 10 teams out of 30 are offering these attractive seats to the public. Others reserve them for Big Wigs like Jack Nicholson, that’s why you don’t see the Lakers listed, or the Knicks for that matter, and believe it or not some teams still provide courtside to the lowly media for nothing !

What a waste !

( especially since we never get them )

Courtside seats, the most expensive seats anywhere in any sport, are clearly a trend in our Age of Affluence and hedge funds where it is getting tougher and tougher to find unique ways to enjoy your hard earned or inherited wealth that the ever increasing millions of other millionaires can’t duplicate.

We expect that by 2008 all 30 NBA teams will have Courtside seats for sale and that the demand will become so great two significant changes are coming. Teams and rich fans will demand that the NBA lengthen the basketball court to accommodate many more Courtside seats ………

…… and that the players, coaches and officials will be forced out of these valuable Courtside seats and like the media guys vanquished to the rafters. Requiring longer time outs for players to reach the court creating more time for commercials.

Everybody wins !

Why are we bringing you all this in the Box ?

Best known for hard hitting journalism and an egalitarian approach to Sports.

Because rumor has it Jay-Z, Beyonce, Puffy, and lots of other wealthy Bball fans read the Box.

( remember it’s only a rumor ).

Far more we preach a message of success and empowerment in the Box and we want all our readers to never forget how much better it is to be rich than not. Now especially if you enjoy Basketball . And there is absolutely no discrimination or bias in purchasing these Courtside seats. All it takes is lots of Green.

There is nothing keeping you out

these Courtside seats

except Money

if you ever needed an incentive

to go out and get Rich

and this year

now you have it so

no more Excuses !

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….