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Updated: May 1, 2006




That well remembered response

from an infamous bank robber has

proven to have wider meaning

We cover Black Quarterbacks

like no on else because

it’s where the action

and money is

in the NFL

The next level of success for African Americans in the NFL will be “parity” in starting NFL Quarterbacks. When half of the 32 NFL teams field a Black Quarterback on any Sunday during the season. We are still long from parity. The 2006 NFL Draft may or may not have reached “parity” with 7 of 14 Quarterbacks African American. Maybe. Read on.

We have a mantra in the Box

” it’s the Quarterback stupid ”

African Americans can dominate every other position on the Gridiron but as long as all too often no matter the game you will likely find two White “Field Generals” commanding their teams that is not parity. Two White Quarterbacks and Two White Head Coaches is still the norm and always Two White General Managers and Two White Owners ruling over everything.

Why ? Answer. Because that is the way things are and the way the world works.

Our response. Not good enough.

The 2006 Draft

is Over

255 players chosen over 2 days beginning 12Noon Saturday ending just past 6PM Sunday. Starting with Mario Williams taken by Houston and by the end of the 7th Round either 12 or 14 Quarterbacks had been selected. About 5% of the 255 Draftees. 7 were White and 5 Black QBs drafted. Shy of “parity.” Or were 7 of 14 Quarterbacks drafted Black. Therein lies both the “confusion” and evidence of the problem at Quarterback that has plagued African Americans for generations. Teams taking Black Quarterback talent and forcing them to play other positions.

Michael Robinson’s stunning success at Quarterback for Penn State led to one of the remarkable sports stories of 2005. Penn State unranked and unappreciated at the start of the college football season finished #3 nationally with its 11-1 record behind Michael Robinson’s leadership at Quarterback, and one lone loss away from a possible National Championship and Robinson being named Big Ten MVP as Quarterback, was drafted in the 4th Round as a Wide Receiver by San Francisco.

Wide Receiver ??

DA ??

Likewise Brad Smith a 4 year starting Quarterback at Missouri who in his senior year started every game for Missouri completing 237 passes for 2304 yards and 13 TDs was drafted in the 4th Round by the New Jersey Jets as a Wide Receiver.

This was done to African American Quarterbacks “all the time” in the past often much earlier while still in high school or when they went to play football at college. Coaches constantly took these African American Quarterbacks making them play as running backs or receivers.

Because Blacks were not allowed to Quarterback.

A fate reserved for Black Quarterbacks. Now the 49ers and Jets are doing it in the 2006 Draft.

Humiliating both Robinson and Smith, telling them if they want to play in the NFL they must abandon their dream and experience Quarterbacking.

SameOle SameOle

Marcus Vick was not Drafted

Had he not made a Fool of himself once too often on and off the Field the results of the Draft might have easily been “parity” with 8 Black and 7 White Quarterbacks drafted.

Now Vick will have to fend for himself and hope for the Best. He might still end up on an NFL roster by September. But do not bet on it. Canada Marcus ?

Besides Vince Young

Round #1 Drafted #3

here are the Black QB winners in the Draft

( not including Michael Robinson and Brad Smith )

Round #2 Drafted #32

Tarvaris Jackson Alabama State Drafted by Minnesota

Round #5 Drafted #32

Omar Jacobs Bowling Green University Drafted by Pittsburgh

Round #6 Drafted #24

Reggie McNeal Texas A&M Drafted by Tampa Bay

Round #7 Drafted #15

D.J. Shockley University of Georgia Drafted by Atlanta

That is the List. In the end Vince Young was the First Quarterback drafted this year and D.J. Shockley the last Quarterback drafted. Between these 2 selections 3 other African American but really 5 other Black Quarterbacks, and 7 White Quarterbacks were Drafted beginning with Matt Leinart drafted #10 in the 1st Round by Arizona where he will have an advantage to pass to Larry Fitzgerald Jr. who should be the best Receiver in the NFL this next season.

With Young guaranteed to be on the Tennessee Titans roster this fall and assuming the other 4 make the Cut.

Not certain but likely. All inclusive African Americans will still count for less than 20% of NFL Quarterbacks and at best probably 5 Starting Quarterbacks in 2006 out of 32. Could be as high as 7.

White America thinks that is phenomenal some that it is far too many. While we know there is NO reason other than bias of the past that continues into the present the reason why Black NFL players are so much less represented at Quarterback than at every other position on the Football Field.

And let us mourn the Decisions

of the 49ers and Jets

to Draft

Robinson & Smith

Wide Receivers not


Shame on both Teams

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