Man Accused of Fraud With Pro Athletes as Victims

By Off the BASN Sports Wire By Kevin Quinn
Updated: May 13, 2006

Darrick Moore

Darrick Moore

TEXAS—Fans love to watch pro sports players, but who’s watching their money? Police say one man tried to get a lot of it, and did. Now he’s accused with millions of dollars worth of fraud with some high-profile victims.

This is a case of big houses, expensive cars and what appears to be seriously misplaced trust.

Investigators say one suspect ripped off at least ten Houston Texans players and many others in a far-reaching investment scheme. Darrick Moore, 21, was arrested at his Katy home Thursday morning.

When asked if he did anything wrong, Moore answered, “No sir. Not one thing.”

But authorities filled several vehicles with computers, files and other items seized at Moore’s home which they believe could prove his guilt.

According to an arrest warrant obtained by Eyewitness News, investigators believe Moore used his home to run a mortgage and auto loan scam using what are described as “straw buyers — people he paid to use their credit to buy the homes or cars.

The court documents detail millions of dollars in real estate and vehicles supposedly bought and sold without the consent of those who actually owned them. Moore is accused of fraudulently getting the deeds.

“He’s going to be charged with theft,” said Harris County Investigator Michael Kelly. “Actually, he is charged with theft.”

Court records show that Texans safety #30 Jason Simmons is one of the victims.

He asked, “What are you going to do, arrest me too?”

Simmons exchanged words with authorities serving the warrants at Moore’s home. Clearly upset, he told Eyewitness News Moore took him for “a lot” of money.

Court papers indicate he gave Moore $450,000 to invest in the company he ran out of his home. In exchange Simmons apparently got the deed two homes — one right next door. The problem is, authorities say, Moore bought that home fraudulently. It was not his to give away.

Moore says he’s innocent of any wrongdoing.

“I’m a black guy who has helped a lot of ball players save a lot of money, invest a lot of money,” Moore said. “And they can’t deal with it.”