Lowe & Behold

Updated: May 7, 2006



He has a 79 – 228 record

as an NBA head coach

( oooouch )

and he was not

North Carolina State’s first Choice

So what

Sydney Lowe is a Happy Man

and he’s Going home

What Sydney Lowe knows as well as anyone is winning at North Carolina State. Lowe was Point Guard on the 1983 NCAA Championship Wolfpack team as one of the Big Cats that makes him Special on this southern Campus even if he has NO college coaching experience. To speak of or write about.

Lowe certainly does have the Winning Spirit which he will haul south from Detroit City where now, after his losing ways in the NBA as Head Coach at Minnesota and Memphis, earlier in his career, Lowe is in the heat of the NBA Playoffs as assistant coach with the Motor City’s NBA Champion Pistons. Who will surprise no one if they go to the Show again.

What is most telling about Lowe’s experience as a NBA Head Coach even with a losing record with the Timberwolves and the Grizzlies is this: Sidney Lowe was first named head coach of an NBA team in 1992. He was all of 32 when Minnesota’s ownership saw his Potential.

Lowe has not been without an NBA head coach or assistant coach job since. Now with the success of the Pistons had he not taken the North Carolina State job it would not have been long, maybe not long at all, before Lowe would have gotten his next chance to head coach in the NBA.

Here in the Box we want to believe ( even if we don’t ) Sidney Lowe’s hiring is part of a long term trend that will find more and more African Americans head coaching in NCAA Division I ( and II and III for that matter ) The fact that Lowe was only hired after Rick Barnes, John Calipari even ESPN analyst Steve Lavin among others turned down North Carolina State is not necessarily a reason for Optimism. His impressive credentials in the NBA certainly should be.

There is a pattern here. We see it time and again in NCAA basketball and football. Inevitably you can almost bet that if an African American is offered the Head Coaching job it is only after someone else or more likely many have turned it down first. And the flip side of this equation. More is expected of these Black coaches. Even if it’s a cliché we’ll say it ….

Last hired. First Fired.

Black coaches always are made to feel they must outperform a white coach in the same situation. And there are always influential inevitably white alumni ready to demand the school replace the Black coach if the team does not begin to win immediately. The classic example is Tyrone Willingham and his short lived career coaching the Notre Dame football team.

Watch your back Mr. Lowe.

Hopefully Chancellor Oblinger’s

statement is not hollow rhetoric

“Our new coach understands what NC State is all about, and what the people of the state expect of us. When we talk about our players, we talk of student-athletes. Coach Lowe will develop both sides of that equation, the student side as well as the athlete side. He will help us produce graduates ready to reach their full potential.”

And NC State Athletics Director Lee Fowler ….

“This a great day for the Wolfpack Nation, Sidney Lowe is representative of the storied tradition that is NC State basketball.

Since his playing days here, he’s gained an unbelievable amount of experience at the game’s highest level. That experience, combined with his love for NC State, makes him an excellent choice for this job.”

Sounds Gooood

seems like

Sidney Lowe has been Hired

for the Long Haul

at North Carolina State

to lead the Wolfpack

to Victory

We’ll see ?

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