Kidd and Vin Have Nets Primed to Win

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: May 7, 2006

NEW JERSEY – There was a time not so long ago with the team from what is affectionately known as “The Swamp” was the league laughing stock. Some say bad ownership and even worse front office work. Some even say that the Nets were suffering with a type of ghost of Babe Ruth like curse. That which was synonymous with how the “Curse of the Bambino”, hovered over the Boston Red Sox and prevented them from winning a World Series for over 80 years.

The same non championship drought was applied to the New Jersey Nets for practically giving away Julius Erving better known as “Dr. J”, the Philadelphia 76ers for a mere smitten of cash and other goodies that are really non essential now.

The snake bit way of life that once was the Nets has given way to recent winning ways through regular season Divisional Championships and playoff prosperity to even reaching the NBA Finals two years in a row (only to lose to the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers respectively) under the stewardship of then coach Byron Scott.

Let us not be mislead, organizations can make teams better, but the players make the teams winners. And the players in this wise are Jason Kidd and Vince Carter. Kidd has been here with the Nets for five years now since arriving in the Stephon Marbury trade and the ascent has been astounding. Never mind the fact that wherever Marbury has departed, that particular team has improved by leaps and bounds. The true testament has been the human triple double in Kidd.

Jason Kidd is the ultimate floor general. He takes personally getting his teammates involved just as much as winning and losing the game itself. He makes each and everyone on his team so much better and there is virtually no one that is better at running a team then Kidd. Nash would be on par with Kidd not better. Besides, Kidd although he lacks a consistent jumper despite expanding his range out beyond the three-point line, is an anchor on the defensive end and is a ferocious rebounder for his listed 6-foot-4 inch frame.

Vince Carter the much maligned swingman with super-human highlight reel moves seems to have found a new life since joining the Nets via the Toronto Raptors last season. Carter for all its worth was a bona-fide All-star and has been even the top vote getter among NBA players for several seasons. But, in the latter days there seemed to have been a haze or a fog hovering over him. He was blamed for a Playoff series loss because he chose to attend his graduation earlier in the day at the University of North Carolina. Then he started to battle with coaches, Lenny Wilkens to name one. And to make matters worse, Carter was blamed for dogging a leg injury which led to missed games and games played and lose do to his playing at half speed. Only to have his leg miraculously heel to completion upon joining the New Jersey Nets.

Since he’s been with the Nets Carter has been the Vinsanity of old. And this season he has even surpassed legendary scoring sensation, Benard King’s single season scoring mark. Kidd once said, “Vince gets out of bed with 20 points.”

Now that the Playoffs have commenced, Kidd and Carter are still at it with stellar play, having just dispatched the Indiana Pacers in six games. Their next test will be the team that vanquished them last season in four games, the Shaq and Dwayne Wade led Miami Heat. It should be an interesting series as both teams made changes to make their respective teams better.

Either or, the Detroit Pistons will certainly have a lot to say as far as who still reigns supreme in the East.