Go North Young Men

Updated: May 12, 2006



Thank God for


Ricky Williams &

Ontario Smith

Are Proof

Space Cadet Ricky Williams who would probably feel more at home on a planet like Alpha Centuri or somewhere out in the Cosmos where they practice a different kind of Logic and where everybody changes their minds all the time, as you should know by now failed yet another NFL drug test. Meaning this time he will be suspended for the entire 2006 season. After his much Ballyhooed return to the Dolphins after a season and a half in Never Land after an earlier Drug Test Failures and his personal Journey of Discovery to Nowhere.

While drilling through

the $8 Million salary

the Dolphins had paid him

in Advance

At this point the Miami Dolphins might have said Asta Lavista Ricky except that they and Ricky have discovered Another Way. What may well become a Trend. The Rehabilitation Season playing in the Canadian Football League which has no specification suspension or drug tests for that matter and no allegiance to what goes on on the other side of the Border.

So Still Young Ricky who showed clear signs of a return to his Brilliant Running during his abbreviated 2005 season may will benefit working on his game playing in O Canada and providing him something useful to do other than sitting around thinking about drugs and that he might prefer Lion Taming to playing football.

So welcome Ricky to his new temporary team

Toronto’s Argonauts

Ricky will not have to Feel

isolated in Canada

Fellow Druggie Onterrio Smith

is following the Same Path

to Enlightenment and

Career Rehabilitation

( although Onterrio is not going to Ontario )

The main difference is that being booted by the Minnesota Vikings for drug use running back Smith is currently an ex-NFL player. Smith was finishing up his own one year suspension when the Vikings decided to pull the plug on his contract. With no other NFL prospects banging down his door Onterrio knew what to do, Catch the Canadian Express. Which he has all the way to the Winnipeg Bombers who are delighted his problem is their gain. In the defining words of Winnipeg General Manager Brendan Taman …

“Onterrio Smith is an exciting, dynamic player who will add a lot to this team, In addition to his outstanding skills as a running back, he is an outstanding kick returner and receiver. ”

Well said

Drugs ?

Once again Real Life is proving there is opportunity in unexpected places. The Canadian Football League is gaining from the failure of some NFL players to control there substance use while the NFL can confidently maintain its drug free mandate knowing the NFL teams can live well enough knowing their Star Players who break the rules can maintain maybe even better their skills working off their Suspension North of the Border. Coming back better than Ever. Maybe.

Don’t expect anyone to Kill

this Golden Goose

on either side of

the Border

So if you’re a drug taking

NFL players keep your Bags packed

and learn the Canadian National Anthem

” take me to the Land of the Suspended ”


Yesterday’s Box mistakenly stated Floyd Patterson died in a hospital bed in New Paltz. In fact he died at his farm in New Paltz, New York.

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