Updated: May 15, 2006




what do we have here

The Duke Incident is uncovering more of life in the Real World with every twist and turn. Now we have the 3rd Indictment reflecting the DA’s original contention of 3 Culprits at the Core of the Wild “Black Bitch” Party these nice gentle egalitarian upstanding young men of the Duke lacrosse team, held way back in March.

At the same time the Defense “team” a phalanx of expensive lawyers hired individually and collectively by their wealthy parents continue to pound away at the allegations and the DA scoring points for the players with the media and those who want to Believe. What Crime ??

There sure seems to be a lack of conclusive evidence to convict anyone of anything but while Grand Juries are not juries not by a long shot still they heard evidence from the DA that resulted in 3 very very serious Indictments so far. Rape and kidnapping. It will take a Trial to find the Truth.

We also have an independent Committee

established by Duke concluding

the college is run by their

Lily White Administrators

which is a Problem

Systemic Racism

and that the Duke Lacrosse team

is Lily White

( one Black player among 47 )

Systemic Racism

Monday’s Indictment of Young David Evans, team captain, adds another dose of Power to this Tale. Turns out Mom is one of Washington DC’s Power Elite. Living and working deep inside the Beltway Apparatus. Rae Forker Evans is President & Founder of the Evans Capitol Group, DC lobbying firm with a bevy of major corporate Clients. And a name to be reckoned with in the Halls of Power.

Even more Rae Evans is Chair of the Ladies Professional Golfers Association Board of Directors. Now that is real insider power here in the 21st century. And the LPGA as Lily White an organization as is Duke Lacrosse.

But hey surely Mom is no more a Racist that son David. It’s just they live in a Different World. Ms. Evans is and young David will be Pillars of Our American Society. Creating a Better World for all of us.

Thank God.

Our Betters taking Care

of us Lessers but

Don’t get us Wrong

We have no way of checking but the Evans Family may well employ African Americans in their various homes, maybe even in their businesses. Just as Duke itself does. In appropriate “positions.” And there is no doubt that the fine country clubs where the LPGA hosts its major tournaments Black people are working in the kitchen and manicuring the lawns and washing the uniforms.

That is of course if

illegal immigrants have not taken all those jobs

by offering to work for virtually nothing.

Sorry about that nonetheless

God Bless Duke University

God Bless America and

God Bless the Evans

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