Breaking Story!! Isiah Runs Out of Excuses

Updated: May 15, 2006



Isiah Thomas may

or may not be

Sport’s Biggest Air Bag

we’re about to find out

FACT. The New York Knicks have been a disaster since Isiah Thomas arrived on the New York scene. Yes they were a disaster before he arrived but a Bigger One since. Thomas’ greatest accomplishment so far in his mind anyway is avoiding taking over as Coach of this Dysfunctional team he has created. And they pay him too !

Isiah thought he made one of the Coolest Moves anyone in Basketball had ever made last year after he “stole” Old Larry Brown from the NBA Champion Pistons. Brown in the running as the Most Over Hyped Coach or Manager n the history of the Universe. Perfect for the Knicks.


Because Isiah seemed FINALLY trapped after last year’s disastrous season that he would be forced to get his hands Dirty actually stand courtside even travel with the team ( how gross is that ) as their Head Coach. But no instead Thomas Conned Knicks owner James Dolan for the gazillionth time since Dolan’s first mistake hiring Thomas as GM.

Dolan was born Brainless. It’s not his Fault.

Isiah convinced Dolan who doesn’t have a Clue to begin with and never will that paying Larry Brown more money than God would get to coach the Knicks that Old Larry was Salvation, for Dolan, the Knicks and most of all for Isiah. Who would stay GM as Larry Brown threw away his medication and led the Knicks to Glory.

With Isiah getting all the Credit !

Sorry Isiah if you were that Smart

you’d own the Knicks

Instead as you know Brown “led” the Knicks to their worst season ever and a resounding LAST place in the NBA East very last out of 15 teams with only 23 victories when their opponents literally didn’t show up ( mentally anyway ) a horrendous 59 losses for a .280 percentage and finishing 26 games out of First. It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of lousy work. On everyone’s part.

While Thomas continued traveling the World first class at Dolan’s expense looking for more talent to bring home to the Knicks.

Living the life of the “successful” executive and avoiding most of those dismal boring Knicks road games he despised.

Well Reality has finally

Found Isiah

Unless he really is Houdini he has run out of places to hide even from the Deaf Dumb and Blind Jimmy Dolan who probably ( although this is not official ) has figured out either Isiah Thomas has some value to the team Coaching it or he has none. Thomas is certainly a complete failure as a General Manager.

How much of a Failure ?

Isiah Thomas could not get hired

as the General Manager

of a Self Service Laundromat

after the Knicks debacle

So enjoy the Show.

Soon we will witness Dolan and Thomas appearing together ALL smiles holding Court before the ever pliant NY press corps for Larry – What Do I Know About Basketball – Dolan to tell the world he is Ecstatic that Isiah has agreed to Coach the Knicks next season. As opposed to the Truth. Thomas was given 2 choices Coach or take a hike with Old Larry Brown. But without the $40 Million..

Then Isiah will take the mike to tell the ever pliant NY press corps he is Ecstatic about this opportunity to coach again. That he wanted to Coach from the day he arrived. But for the good of the team he resisted the impulse knowing how much he was need as a General Manager. But now that Larry Brown has accomplished the job he hired him to do, Isiah is eager to be closer to the Hardwood next season and spend lots of time with the players.

Sure he is.

As opposed to the Truth.

Isiah despises coaching again and worst of all coaching the Knicks team he created which just might be as bad next season as this last season. That Isiah no longer can contemplate standing court side through 82 long NBA games many of them in places he would rather not be. Traveling with troubled players he cannot stand.

So where is Larry

home counting the Money

and Laughing all the Way

to the Bank and taking

his Medication and

Celebrating his Freedom

from Dolan & Thomas

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