Are Some Sports Issues Dividing Blacks and Some Races?

By Joe Booker
Updated: May 21, 2006

TEXAS—The often difference in opinions that blacks and other races have about black athletes have become a topic of concern by many blacks. Are blacks and some among other races divided on issues when it comes to black athletes? This question comes up quite often.

The recent incident with Barry Bonds and some Houston Astros fans and media showed how divided blacks and other races are on issues about black athletes. Blacks felt it was not in good taste for fans to give Astros pitcher Russ Springer a standing ovation for hitting Giants outfielder Barry Bonds. There were some non-blacks who didn’t see anything wrong with Springer hitting Bonds. Some thought it was appropriate. Decent human beings don’t condone that kind of behavior. In some instances, racial relationships have regressed over the past 20-years.

Those innocent people are not being attacked. Being an idiot has nothing to do with the color of a person’s skin. There is some good and bad in all races. Only the guilty will get upset and try to explain his behavior. I had a high school teacher tell us that the truth will hurt, but a lie won’t. When I was a kid I was told that “a hit dog will bark.”

This seems to be the case in the Bonds issue.

Some blacks are divided and confused

Some blacks are divided and confused over issues concerning black athletes and how Barry Bonds is treated. The “Toms” and Thomasine’s’” will never buck the system, but I am not t talking about those blacks—it’s a waste of my time. I am talking about blacks who have never grown up in a black community or attended a black high school or black college. Most of these blacks don’t understand black history. They don’t have a clue what blacks have gone through and are going through now. Most have been brought up in a shielded society. Those are the confused blacks. They are more comfortable being around non-blacks. They will spend little time with blacks and at the same time spend more time with non-blacks. I see it every day.

Bonds treatment reminds me of the old western movies

You remember those old western movies where one person—who is often the guilty person—would get the town folk all riddle up and organize a lynch mob to hang a person before he has had a trial. The lynch mobs are usually made up of farmers who often stand for nothing and will fall for anything. At least the legendary Western Judge Roy Bean would let you know that his trial would not be fair. “We will try you and then we will hang you,” Judge Bean was often quoted. The lynch mob is ready to string Bonds up without a fair trial. It is funny how history repeats itself. With the luck Bonds is having, Judge Roy Bean will return to preside if he is brought to trial.

Are individual records that important to cause racial division or hate?

Are individual records that important that they can divide and destroy friendship and incite hate? Who cares about records unless the player is a family member or close friend? I don’t care who owns a record. It does not change my life and it certainly doesn’t increase my bank account. It shows what kind of society we live in. It is sad that some people will hate and threaten a person‘s life over a sports record that has no value to them. As I wrote in an earlier article—Hank Aaron’s life was threaten and he got hate mail and he was not accused of using steroids. Very little has changed since the Aaron’s era. A bigot or racist does not like to be called such. He will spend all of his time trying to justify his actions. He will also take your words out of context and try to make you feel like the bigot.

It is only a game

Baseball is only a game. It is not a country going after another in a war. It is a child’s game played by adults. Sometimes the game is taken too serious. People lose friendship over this child’s game. Records are made to be broken. When we begin to judge others, we are putting ourselves in the position of God. Decent people don’t hate. Bonds has not raped anyone. He has not murdered anyone. He has not bombed a school and killed innocent people. He has not gotten over by ripping off the less fortunate. He is not a sex offender. He is not a terrorist. Even if he was guilty of using steroids, he does not deserve to be treated like any of those crimes mentioned.

I know that Bonds is hated by some media because he has refused to talk with them or cooperate with them. I have never tried to talk or interview a person who did not want to talk with me. They can get back at Bonds by not writing about his home runs or even mention his name. If he does not want to talk to the media, the media should treat him as if does not exist.

I was never taught to hate

I am proud that my parents never taught me to hate anyone—regardless of color or gender. They always taught me to look pass bigots. This is why I believe that what goes around comes around. I truly believe if you have love for one another in your heart, good will come to you. The late President John F. Kennedy once said: “Those that ride the back of the Tiger end up inside.”

Racists and bigots have little or no time to talk or intermingle with blacks. Some will cautiously speak to a black and keep going. They are too guilty to hold a conversation with blacks. They may feel that there friends may think they are fond of blacks if they are seen holding conversations with blacks. Racists don’t ignore all blacks. They pick the blacks they are most comfortable being around.

The funny part is those who have hate in their hearts will stand during baseball’s seven inning stretch and sing “God Bless America.”

“What good is it for man to gain the world and lose his soul?”