Twin Thomases Happy To Escape (Dis) Enchanted Garden

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: April 9, 2006

Tim and Kurt Thomas

Tim and Kurt Thomas

NEW YORK – Tim and Kurt Thomas, no relation although they do call one another cousins were supposed or should have been bookend forwards for the New York Knicks for at least another half a decade or so.Tim Thomas when he’s on his game is as versatile a 6-foot-10 forward as there is in the league.He can virtually play every position on the floor.Kurt is a rugged and tough power forward that has the wit and grit to play the center spot, albeit an undersized center but nonetheless an effective one.

But, with Knicks President Isiah Thomas’s itchy trigger fingers, that tandem became short lived; at least in New York.Even though at present Kurt is sidelined with a broken foot for at least another 3 weeks, they are both enjoying new found freedom and success with the Steve Nash led Phoenix Suns.

Kurt was traded outright to the Suns for shooting guard, Quentin Richardson and we all know how Richardson’s year has turned out.But at least he’s young enough and prideful enough to make a better comeback next season, provided he’s still here.

And Tim was traded to the Bulls along with Michael Sweetney for Eddy Curry and an unprotected Lottery pick, which could very well be the first pick in this year’s draft.The jury is still out on that trade.Curry is still very raw and not in tip top shape for the Knicks’ liking but he is by all accounts better than any of the would-be top picks in this year’s draft.So it is safe to say that as Curry is merely just 23 years old and would be a senior in college had he stayed the entire 4 years, he no doubt would have been the top pick in this weak draft.

With the addition of Brown as coach having the Thomas boys playing the wings and playing the “right way”, would have made the Knick franchise a lot more proud than they are with the current group.They of course would have had to deal with the moody Stephon Marbury.But, being the professionals that they are they would have adjusted for the good of the team.

But, for now they have to settle for reigning MVP Steve Nash making everyone around him better and more productive.Case in point, Tim who hadn’t played an NBA game in 3 months and was virtually out of the league until the Bulls decided to waive him right around the February 24th trading deadline, scored 2- points in his very first game as a Phoenix Sun.And sense that point he has been given the green light to shoot as often as he pleases so long as the shots are open and good shots.

Kurt up until he got hurt was given the ‘man-in-the-middle’ duties; replacing the injured Amare Stoudamire who had micro-fracture surgery and is out for the rest of the year.Kurt although he didn’t come anywhere near the point output of Stoudamire more than held his own with solid play, setting screens, rebounding and making the Suns a better defensive team.

The Thomas’s are enjoying life in the fast lane of the Suns’ fast break as they are about to clinch the Pacific Division crown for the second year in a row.Not bad for two guys that Isiah couldn’t wait to ship out.

Something tells me that between the Thomas boys and Nazr Mohammad, Isiah Thomas will be getting lots of Christmas cards this year.