Time To Go Fishing

Updated: April 13, 2006




  Fishing yes Fishing competitive big money Fishing one more Sport in which the African American community gives a free ride to the White Guys for no good reason at All Why Bass Fishing now. Why not now. But specifically now because this past weekend Bass Fishing was in the news. There is this series the 11 event CITGO Bassmaster Elite Series which tours the country each year. And its serious business. Very serious business among dozens and dozens of professional bass fishermen who work the series spending big money and making even bigger money in the various tournament events.

Fishing is a serious sports here in the USA.

There are millions of anglers who spent more time thinking about the fish and their gear than about their jobs and their mates. And at the top of this billion dollar food chain are those good enough and blessed enough to fish for a living. Not hauling in cod or tuna by the ton for the fish markets. Hardly.

These guys fish for prize money and sponsorships. Living the very good life. Very very good life. And they come equipped with very fancy equipment and their own high priced bass fishing boats hauling them from event to event like expensive race cars which they are sort of.

Now you are ready to meet Donuel Bruno the first and only African American ( as far as we could determine ) to ever be on the Bass Tour Now Donuel has never won a penny on the Tour. Has never even been truly competitive. And is so low in these standing he would never ever be noticed except he is Black. And that makes him very noticeable in another very very White Sport.

Bruno is an 8 year veteran of the Tour if only occasionally so. The problem is not Bruno. It is the lack of other African Americans on the Tour that there are no Black success stories to report. Have no doubt if there were even a dozen let alone dozens of Black fishermen on the Tour there would be plenty of Success to go around.

So what is the Problem ?

Let's put the financial issue aside for beginners.

Sure there are far more wealthy white guys who might take and do take the plunge into professional fishing. But there are just as well plenty if far less African Americans with the means who don't. And while we don't want to focus only on wealthy retired Black football and basketball players looking for something to do. They are naturals.

The fact is well known well equipped athletic agile former pros with a zest for competition and a flair for playing in high powered environments could make formidable competitors on the CITGO Bassmaster Tour. And with their fame from others sports with even more of an audience, these players would get lots of ancillary benefit. Including having the many corporate sponsors begging them to take their Dollars. And getting lots of media. Keeping them marketable.

And lots of fans of their former selves cheering them on in their new Sport So time to go Fishing Bass Fishing Professionally all across the Land make that Water !

POSTSCRIPT The Streak is Alive !

After making out his first three times at bat in Monday's opener and being the only one of his teammates other than the pitchers without a hit to his credit Phillies Shortstop Jimmy Rollins reached his last at bat of the game in the bottom of the 8th with St. Louis trouncing the home team.

After getting three low impossible to hot balls and the count at 3-0 and one more bad pitch and a walk away from Oblivion the Cardinals pitcher served up a Ball Rollins could pounce on and he promptly hit a Double giving him a Hit in his 37th consecutive game and now 19 games away from Joe DiMaggio's seemingly "impossible" 56 game record.

Keep praying for Jimmy Rollins he can do This !

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