Stanley Cup Preview- Black Athlete Style

By Jo Ann Lawery
Updated: April 20, 2006

Ray Emery & Kevin Weekes

Ray Emery & Kevin Weekes

CALIFORNIA—After a year hiatus, hockey season is back and hockey fans couldn’t be happier. Names like Ray Emery, Kevin Weekes, and Doanld Brashear may not seem familiar to you. They should. So should names like Mike Grier,Georges Laracque and Jarome Iginla. They are brothers you should keep an eye on during the Stanley Cup playoffs.

There’s also a little Latin flavor to the playoffs. You won’t fimd any Rodriguez’ or Martinez’, though. Try scott Gomez, Raffi Torres and Bill Guerin. The NHL playoff season, like the NBA seems to last forever, but it only lasts until the end of May and players from the winning team can bring the Stanley Cup home with them to show off to friends, family and posse. Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter never did that.

Without giving you a crash course on Hockey 101 for Dummies, here are the teams fighting for the Stanley Cup.


— Dallas Stars vs. Colorado Avalanche

— Detroit Red Wings vs. Edmonton Oilers

— San Jose Sharks vs. Nashville Predators

— Calgary Flames vs. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim


— New York Rangers vs. New Jersey Devils

— Ottawa Senators vs. Tampa Bay Lightning

— Carolina Hurricanes vs. Montreal Canadiens

— Buffalo Sabres vs. Philadelphia Flyers


Mike Grier Donald Brashear

Think brothers can’t skate and lay a can of whup ass at the same time? Donald Brashear is one of the tough guys in the league and Mike Grier is no slouch in the toughness department. While hockey snobs were upset that the Stanley cup defending champions are in Tampa Bay, they pinning their hopes on one Ray Emery, goaltender for the Ottawa Senators.

Think brothers can only stop basketballs flying at them? Try stopping frozen pucks flying by your head at 98 mph. Kevin Weekes of the Rangers also has to duck flying pucks, but unlike Emery, Weekes does it night after night with no or little help from Ranger teamates.

Scott Gomez has allready gotten his name on the Stanley Cup as a member of the New Jersey Devils. He grew up in San Diego, and attended a hockey camp run by Willie O’Ree.

The Devils-Rangers series may just be one of those old fashioned hard fought hockey games with a lot of nastiness. jarome Iginla is the new face of the NHL. He was named as the first black captain of an NHL team.

Trevor Daley and Bill Guerin both play for the Dallas Stars but while Guerin has gotten his name engraved on the stanley cup, Daley is a spring chicken to the sweet 16. he’s proved to the powers that be in Big D he’s up to the task. Georges Laracque is the brother you cant miss. The one with the dreadlocks kicking butt and taking names. While Laracque is the brother providing team security- Raffi Torres is providing puch also, scoring that is.

The team to beat in the east are the Ottawa Senators, the team in the west are the Detroit Red Wings, better known as the New York Yankees of hockey. They’re the team everyone loves to hate and their fans are just as fanatical as Yankee fans.

There will be a championship parade in Detroit, but it wont be the Pistons holding the parade. There’s your Stanley Cup preview, black hockey style and the brothers you should know.