Scoring Big George Washington Basketball

Updated: April 19, 2006





This Picture

comes with more than 1000 words

( far more )

and what a Picture it is

The Mighty Wall Street Journal heralded its Coverage of the upcoming NCAA Tournament Monday not by featuring one of the Powerhouse tourney favorites like Duke or Yukon. No it was George Washington University that got the Call.

What strikes us most of all

so much Blackness

on Display

in America’s most important

business paper

And the irony as usual visible on display if unnoted. For all the success of African American players making the NCAA Tournament such a mega-success and some Black coaches what little Power they have in the NCAA hierarchy, and how little African Americans benefit from all this Money Making.

But we’ll low key the Criticism today

to Celebrate GW’s Success

and new found Fame

in The Journal

What appears most to have attracted the Journal Editors to feature GW so very Large is the success the school has had with Basketball even though its revenues are a fraction of the many more famous NCAA teams in the Tourney, they play to small crowds and play in what could really be called a “gym” rather than the sparkling pro quality arenas so many other NCAA teams call Home.

GW does not belong to any of the major conferences. Unlike most of the other 64 NCAA Division I teams out of a total of 334 Division I teams that were good enough to be invited to this year’s Tournament which begins Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal and just about everyone else credits GW’s unheralded success to one source their Coach Karl Hobbs. In the suit in the Journal photo. Even more the Journal strongly suggests the view that George Washington could make it to the Final Four. Because of him. Well we won’t have to wait long to find out if they have the Juice.

If both GW and Duke win their First Game Thursday as expected Duke over Southern and GW besting UNC Wilmington …

Then on Saturday

we have a Power match-up

George Washington trying to Upset Duke

all eyes will be on that One

Back to the Journal article. It is LONG. It will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about George Washington basketball for the last 15 years, all the details about this season so far, give you the low down on the current players, take you into Coach Hobbs past present and future, tell you GW’s administrations view of the place of basketball in campus live, discuss the level alumni support, go into the finances of the team and their game attendance.

Read the entire Article you will be an Expert

on George Washington Basketball

or watch them play

Duke Saturday

and decide for yourself

how Good they are

how Far they Go

or go Home.