Part #6 It’s About More Than One Crime

Updated: April 20, 2006








It began with the cavalier way

Duke first handled

” the incident ”

They did nothing at all

the lacrosse team played on

It set the Tone

that has now Unraveled

Only after pressure built up did Duke President Brodhead make his first modest statement and only slightly restrict the teams schedule and leaving open the possibility they would play on to the NCAA Lacrosse Championships this spring.

Now that charges been brought

against 2 lacrosse players

everything Changes

Whatever the ultimate outcome for the 2 students indicted an inevitable process has begun which will play a central role whatever the final decision of a jury or possible plea bargains before that Point. The entire “system” the “culture” at Duke and in American collegiate sports will be open to examination.

Both the district attorney on one side and the defense attorneys on the other will have to dig deep into Duke, the entire team and the college itself to establish ALL the circumstances surrounding the alleged crime scene.

There is no way for Duke to win

Begin with the so called “party” itself the prosecution as a core strategy will have to set the stage for the rape and kidnapping they have charged 2 students and maybe more to come. These reported 41 lacrosse team members at the “party” will be required to give depositions ALL of them in which the District Attorney and his staff under oath will question each student in detail about the arrangements for the “party” the atmosphere at the “party” what they saw and did at the “party.” And discrepancies and lies and yet untold matters will arise.

They will be forced to expose

the real “culture”

at Duke

During the Trial we will learn in sordid details how these student athletes “enjoy” themselves. How these rich white kids casually spend money for strippers, party houses, boos, drugs, etc. We will learn more about the kind of exploitative emails they send each other, we will learn much more of the demeaning ways they approach Black women and all African Americans. At Duke. And in Durham.

In their testimony we will learn how the college athletic department and the entire administration all the way up to President Brodhead kept a hands off policy to the practices of teams like the lacrosse team until they were exposed.

The prosecution will inevitably depose various faculty members and many of the parents of the lacrosse players. They will be forced to reveal patterns of behavior and attitude they normally never ever do. For their entire lifetimes.

Most of all we will see if these 41 lacrosse players will maintain their Wall of Silence under oath when lying itself may well lead to prison terms even if they are never prosecuted for rape or kidnapping. Of course many if not all ultimately will answer all the questions put to them and in doing so a mother load of detail about the reality of sports in leading American colleges will come to the dirty surface.

Then there are the defense attorneys

Who in trying to keep their clients out of jail for a very long time will be asking many of the same questions, interviewing many of the same players and others with the purpose of deflecting the future jury away from seeing these few individuals as criminals rather than as part of a larger group who “simply” taunted and humiliated a Black woman but in their view were not involved in rape or kidnapping. Did not commit a Crime.

Most of All

Most of All

Most of All

At the Trial it is beyond a doubt the events of March 13 – March 14 will be detailed in public in graphic detail. Every moment of this “party” from before these 2 young Black women arrived until the very last lacrosse player left this house will be told over and over again. And these 2 women will tell how they were “propositioned” and the way they were forced to “perform” to make money to feed their children and go to college.

This is the most damaging and damning of all

because while the description of the beating and rape

may be horrific and be

pointedly disputed by the Defense

Here is what there will be NO dispute

about at the Trial

later this year

The District Attorney will tell the Jury

and the packed Courthouse

the following Narrative

In far more detail than we will.

He will tell the tale of a privileged University with mostly rich white kids in attendance and a Lacrosse team with 46 of 47 players WHITE and likely 41 of them entering the living room of a house near campus to have some Fun.

Waiting for 2 ‘lower class’ African American women who they had promised to pay to come and stand before these 41 WHITE young men and humiliate themselves, make fools of themselves, be disgusted to strip and dance before a chorus of WHITE young men the leaders of business and gov’t of tomorrow howl and rain insults on them. To make some money. To go to college. So they wouldn’t have to do this kind of stuff any more.

We will hear about a typical way

African Americans are forced

to “work” in Durham

for the Amusement of

rich white kids

while that might not precisely be the Crime on Trial

in many ways it is

The Biggest Crime of All

An indictment of the REALITY of sports and college life and Race in America. And while Duke University was “unlucky” enough to be caught. There is no basis for believing this incident or what takes place at Duke among exclusive groups of young white student athletes does not happen on and mostly near high priced college campuses. From coast to coast. Because with the exception of football and basketball most college sports and teams male and female are breeding grounds for exclusion and segregation.

Across America

And until this incident

even at Duke

college officials would have mocked

anyone who suggested such activities

take place at Duke


Let’s find out the Truth

ALL of the Truth

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