Part #3 Racism By The Numbers At Duke

Updated: April 13, 2006





Reportedly over 10% of the Student Body

is African American at Duke

You’d never know it looking at Duke University’s very extensive and well funded athletic program where the lacrosse team’s twisted view of Reality is nurtured. The scope of the current situation at Duke goes far beyond the recent attack on a young Black woman and all the lacrosse team players who attended such a “party” regardless if they attacked this woman themselves or simply stood by.

The “world view” reflected in this incident and how students at expensive exclusive Duke University will view the society they live in and in what environment they feel “comfortable” can be found in our exclusive analysis of Athletics at Duke.

We examined every roster of every team male and female at Duke and the large Athletic Department infrastructure that supports and manages this network of teams and sports. Our goal was to determine the extent of African American involvement in Sports at Duke.

As the pivotal means of determining if Duke maintains a well integrated athletic program that will instill in these white athletes and students an appreciation for Diversity and an understanding of the importance of an Inclusive Society where everyone has a fair opportunity to compete on a level playing field.

Even further we were looking for proof of a Duke Administration that takes an active role in promoting these values. Especially President Brodhead.

We did not find anything Good to report.

Here is what we found

team by team

sport by sport

and in the entire Athletic Department at Duke.

MEN’S SPORTS excepting the 2 “traditional” African American sports Basketball & Football which skew any results

Baseball 0 African Americans

Cross Country 0 African Americans

Fencing 1 African American

Golf >0 African Americans

Lacrosse 1 African American

Soccer 3 African Americans

Swimming & Diving 0 African Americans

Tennis 0 African Americans

Track & Field 4 African Americans

Wrestling 4 African Americans

Of 10 Varsity teams minus Basketball and Football 5 of 10 have NO African Americans, only 3 of the 10 teams have more than ONE African American and all 10 teams combined with a total of 260 athletes there are 12 African Americans on the various rosters.

WOMEN’S SPORTS excepting the “tradition” African American sport of Basketball

Cross Country 0 African Americans

Fencing 1 African American

Field Hockey 4 African Americans

Golf 0 African Americans

Lacrosse 1 African American

Rowing* only sport without identifying photos

Soccer 1 African American

Swimming & Diving 0 African Americans

Tennis 0 African Americans

Volleyball 3 African Americans

Of 10 Varsity sports excepting Basketball there are 10 African Americans on the various rosters with the caveat the large Rowing team does not conclude pictures. But our past investigations of Rowing would be strong evidence there are 1 or 2 Black students at the very most ( why don’t we call Duke because we won’t believe anything they say we cannot verify ). So even if we estimate 2 Black students on the Rowing team generously we will show 12 African Americans on all women’s teams. Minus Basketball.

The results are EXACTLY the same for the men’s and women’s teams excepting football and basketball on the men’s side and basketball on the women’s side leaving us with 10 Duke men’s teams and 10 Duke women’s teams. On 10 men’s teams there are a total of 12 African Americans. And on 10 women’s teams we estimate the same number 12 players in total. With the caveat about Rowing.

In other words ALL 20 teams taken together average ONE African American player. In reality 9 of the teams have NO African Americans. 5 teams have ONE African American. So that 14 of 20 teams have have NO or ONE African Americans. Only 6 have more than ONE. And NO team at Duke has more than 4 African Americans (except basketball and football). And those 4 teams in our survey are large averaging over 30 players each.

That ladies & gentlemen

is Racism in College Sports

And of course adding to this Bigotry African Americans are ONLY well represented at Duke and all other major NCAA schools in men’s basketball and football and women’s basketball the ONLY three sports that make $$$$$ for the schools lots of $$$$$. So in the few cases in which Duke and the Others can make money off young Black student athletes they are more than willing.

And of course

in this world of Bigotry & Hypocrisy

They turn around and use all those millions and the even larger sums successful Alumni contribute in response to football and basketball – they use those funds to further exclude African Americans from every aspect of these Colleges except the football field and the basketball court. Reinforcing again and again and again the hostile atmosphere for young African Americans in most college sports and on the wider campus.

As “perfectly” evidenced by Duke

But wait there is More

let’s take a look at

the huge Duke Athletic Department

plus the Coaching Staffs

college bureaucracy if there ever was one

Believe it or not the Duke Athletic Department which supports (sic) the various teams but not including individual team coaching staffs which are separate, numbers 116 employees at Duke. That is 116 individuals in the Athletic Department. Want to guess how many are African American before we tell you ??

There answer is FOUR

4 out of 116

none in high ranking positions

And keep in mind if you don’t always ALL of the revenue sports generates which justifies this massive bureaucracy comes TOTALLY from basketball and football where the majority of players are African American. And get paid nothing. Sound all too familiar.

You are right

we’re back on the Plantation

well placed in North Carolina

Finally for Part #3 of this series let’s take a look at THE Coaching Staffs for the various teams men’s and women’s. Again if you exclude Basketball & Football THERE ARE JUST TWO ASSISTANT AFRICAN AMERICAN COACHES among these 20 teams.

And are you ready for this ONE assistant coach Ryan Dall has to split his time between women’s basketball and men’s track & field. The only other African American is assistant wrestling coach Corey Bell.

There are NO African American women on ANY coaching staffs outside of Basketball and there are NO African American head coaches in ANY sports including basketball or football. In women’s basketball there are TWO African American assistant coaches.

In men’s basketball ONE African American assistant coach. In football with a coaching staff of 10 there are TWO African American assistant coaches.

There are a total of 89 members of the various coaching staffs men and women for all 23 sports including men’s basketball and football and women’s basketball. There are a total of SEVEN African Americans among these 89. FIVE African Americans men and TWO African American women.

What does all this add up to

Between players, administrators and athlete dept. staff and coaches including everything except men’s and women’s basketball players and men’s football payers (why .. see above) there is a grand total of 715 individuals directly involved with sports in one capacity or another “full time” at Duke.

Among these 715 men and women

35 are African American

All of this analysis never detailed before

establishes clearly a climate at Duke

in Sports and on the Campus

the foundation the kindling

for the outrageous “party”

The White Duke Lacrosse Team


( more to follow )

Part #4

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