Opening Day Streaking To Glory

Updated: April 13, 2006






Let’s Dream

one of the few things that are Free

( even if it might end Monday )

Philadelphia Shortstop Jimmy Rollins ended the 2005 season with a 36 game hitting streak. That’s right 20 games short of The Yankee Clipper Joe DiMaggio for the second some say most hallowed record in Major League baseball. Consecutive games with at least one hit. There are those affectionados who argue that it is the most difficult record in Baseball to break. Above and beyond 74 HRs in a season or anything else.

What no one else is noting

but Everyone should

Jimmy Rollins now owns

the longest hitting streak in MLB history

by an African American player

and it is not Over

Since a hitting streak can encompass more than one season beginning Monday Rollins is back in the Hunt. The Challenge is daunting. 7 other players in Baseball history have made a run at the record but no one has really come close to equaling 56 consecutive games. Although Rollins already has one consecutive game hitting record. 36 consecutive games is the longest hitting streak for a Shortstop in Major League history.

Not Bad

Rollins is already in the Top 10 in Baseball history currently claiming the 8th longest Streak ever. And what is interesting is that he can rapidly move up the list the first week of the new season even as 56 remains Daunting.

Look at the first week of the 2006 season

If Rollins gets a hit in the Opener he ties Tommy Holmes of the 1945 Braves with 37 games for 7th place. If he hits successfully in the first 3 games of the season he ties Paul Molitor of the 1987 Braves with 39 games for the 6th longest hitting streak ever.

If Rollins gets one more and gets his total up to 40 games he ties Ty Cobb of the 1911 Tigers for 5th place on the all time List. One more game, making it 5 consecutive games to start 2006 and Rollins ties George Sisler of the 1922 Browns with 41 games, and tying him for 4th place. One more game 6 in a row and Rollins moves up to 3th place tied with Bill Dahlen who all the way back in 1894 hit in 42 consecutive games.

So that by the end of

next Saturday in Los Angeles

Jimmy Rollins will be getting

Maximum Attention if

the Streak is Alive

If Rollins hits in his first 5 games then hits successfully next Sunday April 9th he will be poised to try and Tie both Willie Keeler of the 1897 Orioles and Pete Rose of the 1978 Cincinnati Reds who each posted 44 consecutive game Hitting Streaks, on Monday evening April 10th when Philadelphia ventures to Atlanta for the Braves Home Opener. But at that point it wouldn’t be the Braves Center Stage but Rollins.

If that happens and in his 8th game of the season Rollins extends his Streak to 44 games tying Rose and Keeler he will then have the benefit or the difficulty depending on his attitude of a day off on April 11th before resuming the series in Atlanta ….

…… Wednesday evening April 12th and trying to stand alone in 2nd place with 45 consecutive games and only with the Immortal Joe DiMaggio ahead of him, standing in his way towering over the following 12 games Rollins would then have to get a hit in order to enter the Hall of the Immortals and Stand Alone maybe for All Time.

Yes all of this may be a Mirage

by late Monday afternoon

the Dream may be done

But IF it does continue through April 12th in Atlanta, and Rollins plays every game and there are no rain outs, following April 12th he will face Atlanta again then 3 with the Rockies in Denver, 3 with Washington at home in Philadelphia, and then 3 with the Marlins at home bringing us to the end of Sunday, April 23rd, bringing Rollins to 54 consecutive games IF he is still hitting every game.

Then the Rockies come to Philadelphia

for a 4 game series and they

will be Impossible to

get Tickets for

If Jimmy Rollins is still Hitting

and Streaking

At that point Monday evening April 24th it would be Game #55 if the Streak is Alive and the Excitement would be Electric in Philadelphia and far far Beyond. IF Rollins hits Monday night then it all goes off the Charts when on Tuesday evening April 25th, 8 months before Christmas to maker some vague point, Rollins will stand on the Precipice poised to do what had been labeled Impossible hit in his 56th Consecutive Game.

And IF he does

you can predict today

3 weeks before the Fact

Jimmy Rollins will be

the Biggest News Story in America

Wednesday April 26th

both because of what he

had Done and

what Jimmy Rollins might

Wednesday evening

April 26th

there are NO words to describe

that day IF it comes to Pass

the Ultimate Record Broken

57 Consecutive Games

Pray for Jimmy Rollins

He can do This !

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