New Dawn For Sports

Updated: April 19, 2006




Throw away your TV

just kidding


Yes Major League Baseball has been streaming its games for years. But this is different. One of the major broadcasting networks has decided it is in its interest to present its own programming on the Internet. Blurring the difference between broadcast and Webcasting even more. And for free !

It’s a Seismic Shift

CBS is announcing without saying so the Future belongs to the Internet. Now for broadcast as well as everything else. Think about what they’re doing. Superficially they seem to be drawing business away from their core business and why they spent $6Billion to but the rights to the NCAA for 11 years.

That is the superficial view

as indicated

Revenue is revenue and their is no value in being wedded to one medium when another has more potential. Especially in the future. So CBS is now specifically staking its future on (CBS) and related Wed properties. The fact is the Web is far more Robust than traditional Broadcast and now the technology and quality of Streaming is catching up to Broadcast.

Soon they’ll be One and the Same

With traditional Broadcast in effect there is a single “stream” of Content. With Internet based “broadcasting” there is no limit. Content providers like CBS can Stream away just as much as they want and that makes financial sense.

For every Stream with an Audience

simply provide it free or not

and offer to Advertisers

And now we can watch every one of these Games morning, afternoon and night for the next 3 weeks on a CBS property, not on somebody else’s cable station, and more to the point everybody can watch wherever you are because there are Computers everywhere with Internet access but not TVs.

Like at your office or

if you are lucky

in a park

But all this is just the Tip of the Iceberg

the real action unfolds Later

This is only the start of this “revolution” this bloodless revolution of Choices in Sports anyway. And why the Future is bright for African Americans in Sports broadcasting and enterprises like Black Athlete Sports Network because ….

As early as March Madness 2007 we might well be Positioned and CBS receptive to selling us their NCAA stream for us to broadcast the Games on our Website with our own distinctive African American Announcers for those who want something different than the Bland and Mostly White CBS announcers.

Most of all 30 Million+ African Americans !

And we’ll add our own Colorful pre and post game shows as well. And why is all this going to stop with March Madness. It isn’t. How long before the various networks including CBS once again which own parts of the NFL broadcast rights begin Streaming the Games on the Internet at And every other Sports event known to man, woman and child on the face of this Earth.

And for the 99% of sports fans

watching their favorite sport

from Afar not in the Stadium

There are 2 all important inherent elements the 1) Video, and 2) Audio feeds that make up the Total Experience. For the most part there will be one video feed ( or many ) but there can be an unlimited number of audio feeds to provide every single slice of the audience the kind of Announcers they want to listen to. And with that Choice adding measurably to the enjoyment of any Game.

And if you keep it Secret

we’ll tell you what

BASN is going to do

In coming years we will buy the broadcast streams for all kinds of sporting events, maybe even Lily White NASCAR but with African American broadcasters on the Scene making those cars racing in circles of some interest to a Black audience with some good Satire even if there isn’t an African American in sight.

Why ?

Because for the right price we’ll make money doing it and NBC or whoever has the NASCAR broadcast right and who will be feeding the NASCAR events to their own Website can sell that signal to us and gain income they never will have realized otherwise and for no extra cost to them.

And most of all


are going to love the Segmentation

because they sell to a Segmented Marketplace

So here is some investment advice

keep some of that cash aside

to invest in BASN