McCovey Plays Race Card For Barry Bonds

Updated: April 19, 2006





The Race Card

is a Potent Weapon

used Properly

not for an Athlete

injecting Himself

with Steroids

like some Drug Addict

when Misused

it only serves to

undermine its Legitimacy

The fact is Barry Bonds has already Convicted himself with the ridiculous statement he has had his lawyer put out which simply says Bonds will not comment on the charges made in the Sports Illustrated cover story and the soon to be released book “Game of Shadows.”

But just as sure as Flowers bloom in the Spring

Everyone knew Bonds would find pliant African Americans who would denounce ALL the charges as directed to Barry Bonds because he is BLACK. Which if you think about it is the same as saying that a Vast Conspiracy involving many sports figures and institutions has been organized over a period of many years to get Barry Bonds because he is BLACK.

Is it the same people

( like us and so many others )

who Praised his Home Run Process

Before we knew ….

Now what is their Motivation ?

It would be “simple” if Babe Ruth with 714 Home Runs was still the Greatest MLB Home Run Champion of All Time. Then McCovey and others could at least hint at the “fact” it was to insure White Supremacy in Baseball.

But of course the BIG Problem is

the insurmountable Problem is

that Ruth is not the Home Run King

The Great African American Hank Aaron is

Maybe McCovey and the others will Claim Hank Aaron is at the heart of this Vast Conspiracy. That he is really fabulously wealthy and he has bribed important White People and major White owned institutions to GET BARRY so Aaron’s Home Run Supremacy is protected.

Sound Absurd

It is !

Here are the facts Willie McCovey works for the San Francisco Giants and the Giants have the most to lose other than Bonds if he is formally Exposed.

Here is McCovey’s nuanced laced comments ….

“Knowing what I have gone through in sports, there are always those little, you know, racial overtones,” said McCovey, a black man who started his career in the segregated south of the 1950s and broke into major league ball with the Giants.”

“I don’t think it would be this big a deal if McGwire was still playing and was in the same shoes chasing that record,” he said of McGwire, who is white. “I don’t think they would be spending all this time to dig all this dirt up on him.” “This is a thing that we have to live with that people don’t even realize.”

What is McCovey saying ??

Only ONE thing …

Leave Bonds alone because he is BLACK

It is Barry Bonds who should have thought about his Responsibilities as a BLACK Role Model for kids BEFORE he started pumping drugs called Steroids into his veins. All McCovey is doing is falling into the Stereotype Trap which will only serve to undermine the achievements of ALL the endless number of truly great African American athletes who have not shot drugs into their veins to enhance their performance and in fact Cheat to Win.

Whether he realizes it or not

The necessary implication of Willie McCovey’s outburst is that Black Athletes should be held to a different standard because they are BLACK. That if they are caught Cheating Black athletes should be given an exception to break rules and laws because they are BLACK

The only other possible Conclusion

Is that McCovey places Bonds in a Very Special Class all by himself. That even excludes all other African Americans and all humans in fact. That Barry Bonds is some Super Human God (sic) who can do anything he wants.

Just as Bonds himself appears to Believe

That’s even more Absurd

isn’t it Mr. McCovey.

In reality the real issue facing Baseball in the matter of Barry Bonds has nothing to do with Willie McCovey or whatever he says. Mr. McCovey has obviously been Duped. The real issue faces Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig.

Of course Bud Selig would like to wake up and find out the Barry Bonds matter was just a very bad dream that never happened. Barring that Bud Selig has only one reasonable Choice ..

To appoint a Blue Ribbon Panel

of leading Americans

Black & White

at Once

To examine all these Allegations AND with Baseball compelling Barry Bonds to meet with the Panel OR the Panel will proceed without his Input but nonetheless issue a Report in as brief a period of time as possible.

The findings will Determine

ONLY one issue

should MLB Baseball allow

Barry Bonds

to Officially surpass

either Ruth or Aaron

in the Record Books

One Simple Point




This Scandal is really NO different than the Pete Rose matter, and Mr. McCovey Rose is WHITE.


There is no other MLB player is a position to supposedly claim the Greatest Record in all of Baseball and the the Eternal Place of Adulation that will result. This panel will not do anything about taking away any of Bonds other “records” (sic) nor be empowered to bar him from playing Baseball.

Just do One Thing

Determine for Commissioner Selig and MLB Baseball will Baseball Officially recognize Bonds for surpassing Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron if he does. And Barry Bonds will be given as much time in front of the Panel as he likes to convince the Panel he is a Victim whether a conspiracy or not.

Let all the Panel records be Sealed

if Barry Bonds wishes

it’s not the Issue

There may be no Good Answers here. But the worst of all is to make believe this may tremendous not exist and without further investigation and resolution make believe everything is OK and allow Barry Bonds to go out on the Diamond and pass Ruth and maybe Aaron and for him to be Hailed as the Greatest Home Run Hitter of All Time. When his extraordinary improvement in Home Run hitting for a 5 year period has no plausible explanation except that it is clear his body developed tremendous new mass beyond plausible explanation while there is a body of evidence for substantiating his Steroid use.

It is Barry Bonds using the Race Card

not his Critics

Wake up Willie McCovey.