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Another example of Progress

if you like

From here it is another ironic example of “minority” ownership. We could talk about African Americans very “minority” ownership of American society. But we do Sports here and right now it appears ( finally ) picking an owner for the Washington Nationals (yes they survived a court challenge to their name) is at hand and the one remaining issue is that Baseball and Bud Selig want to be able to claim that for the first time ever Black America has a stake in an MLB franchise. An ownership stake.

And it is creating a Problem

for Old Bud Selig & the Boys

The Commissioner seems to have a particular fondness for one of the Finalists to buy the Team from Major League Baseball its current owner. By the way the price has been pre-set. No bidding wars. The cost is $450 Million. Take it or leave it. But Mr. Ted Lerner a rather secretive multimillionaire Jewish American real estate baron is coming up weak on the African American issue.

Let’ s digress for a moment

to fully savor the DC situation

especially for those who have not

been following our Series

For their $450 million new owners not only buy a MLB team they get the gift of a new stadium soon to be build with a projected value of over $600 Million, a piece of corporate welfare paid for by the people of Washington DC. Although DC Mayor Williams claims that is not true. He is taxing only large DC businesses to pay for a new home for the Washington Nationals. Typical “political double talk” even if in this case coming from a Black politician who has proven as good at throwing the Bull as any white guy.

Because although the City is paying for the new ball park lock stock and barrel ALL the benefits that means revenues from ALL sources go to the new owners. The City gets a paltry rent. That’s right even though the City owns the Stadium the Mayor is using the Con of collecting a “rent” to make it seem like a good deal.

While in reality well over 90% of the income year round will go to the owners. And that projected almost $200 million annually dwarfs the few million they will pay the City. In fact the City would be far better off paying the Nationals owners $5 million to play there and pocketing $190 million or more for the City treasury. Even the income from the very lucrative naming rights goes to the owners not the city. Even though the City itself could just as easily have found a marketing firm to find a buyer for the name.

Or even more to the point there is no reason on Earth the new owners could not have and should not have built a new stadium for themselves if they didn’t want to continue to play in the City owned RFK Stadium. Which works perfectly well even if it is not a super duper 21st century pleasure dome. But that is not how Power works as we know. The guys with the Power will always use it to get their way.

OK now we’ll get back to the ownership issue

having placed the subject in proper Perspective

With the above noted Ted Lerner the inside favorite up to a Point now losing his status as front runner at the last moment because as push comes to shove the African American issue has become dominant as the decision draws very very close. Probably. The other Power Bidders with all sorts of Inside the Beltway relationships Fred Malek and his “majority” partner Jeffrey Zients. Seem to have the Lead.

Malek & Zients were Smart enough from the start to line up some Heavy Weight African American names to beef up their “ownership” team. Their Black List contains both Colin Powell and Vernon Jordan. In the world of DC Black Power you can’t go any higher than the “team” of Powell & Jordan.

Of course neither Powell or Jordan will have any say regarding the team as “minority” owners in both meanings. Legal and Racial. But hey this was never about anything more than Perceptions. Anyone who thinks Baseball or Bud Selig specifically is interested in Black ownership has been hit in the head with too many Baseballs.

Want some evidence ..

Let’s go back to the top of this Box. Selig and the Boys have decided on a price. $450 Million. This is not going to be a bidding war. While the $450 Million will be a killing for the 29 MLB owners the price is still a “steal” with the escalating value of sports franchises, this being the nation’s capitol with strong baseball interest and lots of Power, and most of all the “gift” new 21st century stadium from the City.

The Truth is Baseball could have put together a group of prominent wealthy African Americans to buy the MAJORITY stake in the Nationals and brought in some “minority” White partners if that was even necessary and …..

……. plenty of Rich White Guys would have jumped at the chance ot be part owners of an MLB team for a very modest “minority” investment, bragging rights, FREE choice seats to every game and associating with Famous African Americans from business, entertainment and Sports who would be their “majority” partners.

But the Reality is Baseball and Commissioner Bud Selig have NO abiding interest in MLB Baseball finally having even one African American owner after 100 years of ALL White Ownership. This is more Bud Selig Lip Service toward the African American community which he and others consider him a Master of the form.

Fortunately we are NOT stupid

here in the Box

The real result of some meaningless minor Black ownership of the Nationals will do is to take the issue of Black ownership off the table. Baseball will beat its Chest especially with the Gullible Press praising Baseball for now having African American “owners. “And so that subject will be closed for a long time. Baseball’s attitude becomes Been There. Done That. Good bye. Leave us alone !

But Black Box don’t we have to start some place

shouldn’t we be Thankful for anything we get

Isn’t anything better than Nothing

NO NO and NO

It is nothing but ….

Crumbs off the Table

if you are fed

nothing but Crumbs

you will Starve and

so will Black America

COLIN POWELL & VERNON JORDAN<br>( CRUMBS OFF THE TABLE )" title="powellvernon.jpg" width="200" height="139" class="size-medium basn-image" />