Kirby Puckett Triumph & Tragedy

Updated: April 19, 2006




The fact that Kirby Puckett

is the 2nd youngest Hall of Famer

after Lou Gehrig to Die

says Something about

Kirby’s Tragedy

The Tragedy reached in Conclusion earlier this week on Monday morning when Puckett suffered a massive stroke in his current home in Arizona, never gained consciousness and died soon after. At 45.

He is being returned to Minnesota for his Funeral and Burial. There could have been no other Choice. In the history of Minnesota Baseball no one stands Taller than Kirby Puckett. He defined the Twins franchise.

Led them to 2 World Championships

electrified the entire State

for 12 years

As many have noted the contrast between the two players getting the most Ink this week Puckett in Death and Bonds in Life or some version of it, the Contrast could not be Greater. They are two personalities and manifestations of the Game that could not be more Different.

Bonds the aloof, often nasty, jealous, vindicate, steroid soaked Meanie, and Kirby Puckett easily the most loved sports figure in the history of Minnesota, and so much so his joy and warmth and love for the Fans was and remains Legendary.

And in Puckett’s case there never was any doubt he would be voted into the Hall of Fame as he was in 2001. Having in just 12 years in the Majors amassing more hits than even Joe DiMaggio with 2304 to go with his SuperStar quality .318 lifetime batting average. As an Outfielder he was an All Star 10 years.

Puckett’s career totals would have been higher but that he was felled by Glaucoma that nearly left him Blind and forced his Early Retirement from the Game he loved and the town and state that adored him.

After that Kirby became a well paid Vice President in the Twins organization until that World came tumbling down when personal problems and retirement excesses came to Light. In addition his weight Ballooned as his prospects dimmed. And finally his move to Arizona to live in Obscurity.

What has overwhelmed everything else has been the level of grief and admiration being expressed by ex-teammates, former and current players from all around Baseball, and Minnesotians famous and not. It is fitting the Memorial Service for Puckett will be held in the Metrodome on Sunday evening.

Twins current and former, the royalty of Baseball from all over and most of all his Fans are expected to fill the Stadium to capacity in his Honor.

It is unclear if his Casket will be brought to the Metrodome for the Service and probably not but it should. It would be nothing but Tasteful and the ultimate Tribute for him to be there to hear the Cheers one last time, to have his Body placed at Home Plate, where he earned the Twins 2 World Championships with his Bat and his heroics in the Field will be noted. Especially in the great great Twins World Series victory of 1991. Some called it the Greatest Series.

Kirby Puckett

should be There

one last Time

to feel the Metrodome

rock in his Honor

and hear the Chant

Kirby Kirby Kirby

one more Time

And for All those Gathered

to stare at his Lifeless Coffin

and Count their Blessings

while Kirby goes

6 feet under

to Rest in Peace

Forever After.