If Tagliabue Goes What’s Next

Updated: April 19, 2006






NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue

is making Noises about

Retiring early

After negotiating the new 6 year Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Players Union Tagliabue immediately began giving Signals that he may cash in and head for Retirement Heaven with his Fat Exit Package, long term consulting agreement and lifetime pass to every NFL game the rest of his Life.

In fact the BullShit has already started

we are getting the Code Words

if Tagliabue goes he wants

” a smooth transition ”

Now does anybody not born and raised on some other planet have any doubt what Mr.

T means by “smooth transition.”. The NFL does not want any “trouble” in picking his successor. No national search and any conflict. In other words they expect every one to shut up and just accept whoever the NFL owners pick.

Now who do you think that message is for

if not for Black Folk

Neither Tagliabue nor the 32 owners nor the NFL hierarchy want anyone to get any Wild Ideas in their heads that this might be an open talent search for the Best Commissioner, or even more ridiculous thought that any African Americans might be considered just because over 70 % of the players are Black.

Or because ….

There has NEVER been a Black Commissioner

in any Sport let alone the NFL

now do you understand


Never in the Past. Never in the Present. And if all in right in Heaven Never Ever in the Future. This is not meant to be a racially balanced club up in the Stratosphere where the Commissioner operates. People need to know their Place.

Of course the NFL can only get away

with this Charade

because the African American community

Lets Them

Does any body really expect even one so called Black leader anywhere in the USA even just one to Question the NFL to demand an open search for a new Commissioner and demand to know which African Americans are being considered for the job of Commissioner


Not here in the World of the Silence of the Black Lambs

Where the White Boys always get what they want in matters like this because no one in the Black community challenges them. Not even someone who is always looking for a Good Fight. Like Rev. Al Sharpton. How about Gene Upshaw executive director of the Players Union. You must be Kidding.

In fact we won’t even

have the names of some Obvious Suspects

raised as possible Commissioners

Like the Black Imperialist USA Queen

Condi Rice or

The Black Republican Apologist

Colin Powell

Both Rice and Powell meet some of the requirements of the NFL Power Structure being Republican and rich and traveling in elite circles but still they are both African American and it’s nothing personal of course but when those 32 White Owners get together periodically throughout the year all seated around a large conference table they are not about to see a Black face at the head of the Table running “their” meeting.

So forget about …

any national search that goes beyond comical possibilities like Condi Rice and Colin Powell, that might uncover a lot of impressive African Americans for the position of NFL Commissioner. If we ever got to a point that some actual names began circulating in the media even some of the Black Lambs might put aside their Cowardly Demeanor and begin lobbying for an African American to be the next NFL Commissioner. And make noise in the Media.

And possibly “embarrass” (sic) the 32 White Owners

when they refuse to name

a Black Commissioner

So if Tagliabue decides to Go

instead we’ll see

” a smooth transition ”

( aka a white wash )

and as usual

The Silence of the Black Lambs