Houston Fans Like Young: Do the Texans Like Bush Better?

By Joe Booker
Updated: April 18, 2006

TEXAS—It is easier to find Terrell Owens fans in Philadelphia than it is to find non Vincent Young fans in Houston. Houston is Vincent Young country. Houston fans have let it be known that they would like for the Texans to take Young with the first pick in the upcoming NFL draft April 29. Do the Texans like Bush better? Most Houston fans feel that Young could be to the Texans what Earl Campbell was to the Houston Oilers. There are Bush supporters who feel Bush can bring the same excitement to Houston that Campbell brought.

Young was special as a high school sophomore

I watched Young throughout his high school career. When I first saw him as a sophomore I called his coach Ezell Seals and told him Young is special. I thought he was another Jim Kearney (who along with WR Otis Taylor) led Prairie View to two national championships. He was tall, quick, fast and could handle the ball like Kearney. Like Michael Jordan, Young makes players around him better.

He has done everything that is expected of a quarterback. Young’s supporters feel it is a no-brainer for the Texans to take him with the first pick.

There was controversy where he should attend college

After being voted the National High School Football Player of the Year as a senior, colleges throughout the nation called on him. It is alleged that he narrowed his choices to Miami and Texas. He had visits to Texas and Miami. After being given so much love by Longhorn students, athletes, fans and coaches, Young knew Texas was the best place for him. He cancelled his visit to Miami. There were several Yong fans who felt he made a mistake by going to Texas. Young’s supporters didn’t think he would get a fair break at Texas. In the end, he made the right decision. This time, the decision will not be left up to Young, even though he has made it known on several occasions that he would like to play for his hometown team.

Texans seem to be leaning toward Bush

Texans owner Bob McNair attended the University of Texas Pro Day to get a personal view of Young. He had a brief conversation with Young. He invited Young to Reliant Stadium. McNair knows the sentiment of the Young supporters. He also knows that businessman Jim McInvale of Gallery Furniture is a Young supporter. Despite the over whelming support for the Texans to take Young, it appears they are leaning toward Southern California Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush.

New Coach Gray Kubiak feels he can make QB David Carr better

New Texans’ coach Gary Kubiak may have the last word on who the Texans will take with their first pick. Kubiak has said that he can make quarterback David Carr better.

Kubiak is credited with improving quarterback Jake Plummer’s game with Denver. Carr has more upside than Plummer. I think that the conservative offense and lack of a supporting cast was the main reason Carr has not lived up to his expectations. I don’t think he is as bad of a quarterback that some of his critics think he is. Kubiak has tried to surround Carr with a supporting cast that will make him better. He signed free agents Eric Moulds (WR), tight end Jeb Putizer and center Mike Flanagan. Kubiak feels that Bush would take pressure off wide receiver Andre Johnson, Carr and the offensive line. He also feels that Bush could make the team better. The left side of the offensive line headed by Chester Pitts is set. It is the right side that is a concern.

Winning will quiet disgruntled fans

The late Green Bay Packer Coach Vince Lombardi once said that “winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing.” For Bob McNair’s Houston Texans—winning is the only thing. Winning will quiet those disgruntled Young fans if the Texans don’t draft Young. The Texans are banking on Bush to make it happen.