Heaven’s Golden Vessel

By Tony McClean
Updated: April 6, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — Over the years, we’ve heard and read several stories of boxers trading in their gloves for a much higher calling.

At the end of a long career in the ring, the great Henry Armstrong served as a baptist minister in his then home town of St. Louis. The only fighter to hold three world championship titles simultaneously passed away in
Many people forget that one of the reasons why Muhammad Ali opposed the Vietnam War in the 60’s was because he served as a minister while with the Nation of Islam. It was his religious beliefs that strengthened his stance against the war.
And of course, everyone’s favorite grill master George Foreman was serving as a minister in Houston during the late 80’s when he decided make his much remembered comeback.
However, these stories will somewhat pale in comparison when you hear and read the story of Bishop “Earthquake” Kelley. In his book, “Heaven’s Golden Vessel”, the former prizefighter tells of his incredible and inspirational story.
On December 1, 2004 after coming home from bible study, Kelley was sitting on the edge of his bed about to go to sleep. In that moment, something unusual started happening to his head. He says, “It felt like hot water was being poured on top of my head.”
He looked around to see if someone was in the room playing a trick on him, but nobody was in the room. As he was trying to figure out what was going on, a severe pain hit him in the center of his head.
He said, “It felt like a hundred volts hit me in the head and traveled down to my shoulders. The pain that followed felt like twenty men were punching me with their fists.”
Bishop Earthquake had never had pain like this in his life even as a boxer. He knew he was in trouble. However at the time, he didn’t know that he was having a brain aneurysm. He did not know that more than fifteen percent of people with a brain aneurysm die before they reach the hospital.
“I feel that God instructed me to write this book to warn the world about the pain that sin cause him”, Kelley added. “I am more than greatfulgratefulfor this assignment and I gave God my word that I would tell the world what he instructed me to share”.
According to Earthquake, the onset of a brain aneurysm marks the last two hours to two weeks of your life. Kelley did not die on the way to the hospital but he died in his hospital room. However, his death did not mark his end but a new beginning because heaven sent him back.
A native of Stamford, Connecticut, Kelley speaks of a childhood that included abuse from his father as well as the usage of drugs at the age of 11. Kelley also speaks glowingly of his mother, who fought hard to point her son to a righteous path.
When Kelley left his body, he remembers rising from his body and as he looked down towards the hospital bed, he saw his body and while he was looking in amazement, he was transported to heaven like the speed of light.
Kelley’s book offers several scriptures from the bible while also describing his experiences in heaven. He will describe the majesty of heaven, his conversations with love ones including his murdered son, and his conversation with God.
Kelley also reveals the message he received from God for this generation and why he could not stay in heaven after asking God to stay. The story of Bishop Kelley is a powerful message of faith, sacrifice, and family.
More than just a sports book, Kelley’s book is a document of how one can overcome several demons and become whole through mind, body, and soul.
NOTE: For information on Bishop Kelley and his book, log on to www.wordharvestbooks.com.