Good Friday Duke University

Updated: April 14, 2006





One party

late one night

in the middle of March

in a small southern town

with a big Ivy League college

in the middle of Lent

all Hell broke loose

on the road to

Good Friday

Rape is a vicious crime. And sooner or later we will know if the young Black woman in question was raped as reported. But rape or not this matter is about far more. What this kind of event that passes for a “party” on a regular basis at Duke and at leading colleges across America are groups of privileged male college students often associated with university teams taking license to enjoy themselves by degrading others.

Often African Americans

The email the very same night by one member of the Duke lacrosse team planning another such “party” immediately after this other and again “inviting” poor young Black women to “perform” for them for pay is clearly indicative of a mindset not one isolated “party” that was as rare as finding an African American on the lacrosse team.

It is a form of Abuse

which a college education is

supposedly the opposite of

It is born of many Causes but without a doubt the virtual “segregation” of most sports on most colleges most assuredly at Duke is an underlying core problem. If 10 or 15 members of the Duke lacrosse team were African American not just ONE and a “lowly” Freshman at that, it would be far far more difficult for this persecution of African Americans to take place on and off the campus. The “critical mass” of White Domination could not take hold of a team.

41 of the 46 WHITE members of the Lacrosse team attended this “party” and no matter the conclusion of the rape investigation they were ALL willing participants of a gathering whose purpose was to degrade African Americans having them “dance for them” while the WHITE players drank and hurled insults.

The Con Game being orchestrated by

Powerful Duke alumni and wealthy parents

is to discredit scare this African American woman

and in so doing have this matter go away

maybe even with these young white bigots

being packaged as “martyrs”


Whatever happens with the rape investigation and completely separate from it Duke has now been EXPOSED as a gathering place for out of control white and mostly wealthy privileged members of the American “elite” (sic) the very young men who will be employed by and then lead major American institutions in government, business, philanthropy, education, media and yes sports.

These colleges like Duke are in effect Breeding Grounds for Racist attitudes and Bigotry against African Americans “updated” for the 21st century. And Sports yes SPORTS a prime vehicle in our colleges coast to coast for intensifying and bringing together WHITE young men to manifest and encourage their Racist tendencies in a team setting.

Regardless of the outcome of the rape investigation

Duke has NO choice now but to reach deep into its entire Sports program and transform the “culture” in sport after sport after sport that encourages Racism and the degrading of African Americans.

And the most basic issue of all is the composition of EVERY team male and female at Duke with the exception of men’s basketball and football and women’s basketball. And the parallel question WHY are African Americans so well represented on just these 3 teams. A rhetorical question of course.


dozens of teams

in a score of Sports

Are SEGREGATED breeding grounds for Racism

Duke has NO choice but to finally INTEGRATE its entire very large Sports program RECRUIT African Americans for ALL sports ass well as it does for football and basketball OR it must be reduced to the small insignificant college it once was. And made a pointed example of for all these NCAA colleges. Either INTEGRATE your sports programs or be labeled as ultimately Racist institutions.

We aren’t going to be Conned by powerful Alumni hiring the most expensive spin attorney in America Bob Bennett from Washington DC fame or Duke President Brodhead “managing” the situation to contain it.

And neither should you

here on Good Friday

The day that most Symbolizes the nature and the bottomless depths of abuse and persecution, and how Power will go to any lengths to “protect” itself, right now for all practical purposes the African American community is and has long been nailed to a Cross at Duke and in the surrounding community of Durham, North Carolina.

By a college system

at the Ivy League level

where the real Power is

factories for insuring

for generations to come

ours is a Structured Society

African Americans must be

“taught” their place

at the Bottom

much as Jesus Christ

was “taught” his place

Good Friday