Glimmer Of Hope

Updated: April 19, 2006






No it’s not Santo Domingo

this time but

Compton, California

Black Los Angeles

for a Change


It is a Step. But Forgive Us if we don’t gush with endless platitudes for Major League Baseball and especially Commissioner Bud Selig for FINALLY opening ONE Urban Youth Baseball Academy. In Compton, California. Call it the poor side of LA. It is a step in the right direction.

But the Scenario is just too typical

since the beginning of Time

regarding Everything

Pick your favorite historical or present period. Any place on Earth. Any endeavor. The guys with Power screw up purposely or not. Most often with clear intent. Then when the excrement hits the Fan they run to find some way to placate the Angry Crowd. More often it is far more Show than Substance.

In return

Everyone praises them

for being so Generous

and Enlightened


they rush back to their Old Ways

It’s a Story that never Ends

So FORGIVE us as many times as necessary for not laying prostrate at the foot of King Selig’s Throne worshipping his Greatness for opening ONE Urban Baseball Academy, the way Everyone else is.

The facility in Compton is a modest complex seemingly good of its kind built over 3 years at the reported cost of $10Million which MLB ONLY paid a portion along with many other Big Buck sponsors. Which begs the Question would even this ONE facility have been built IF Baseball had to pay for all of it ?

Looks at the contrast

in Latin America

Where Baseball has been investing millions every year for years and unperturbed whether or not local sources or Big Name corporations chip in. Even more as Baseball poured Millions into Latin America to market Baseball to Latino youth WHY didn’t Baseball see any reason to make a similar commitment to African American youth tight here at Home ?

It’s a Question without

a good answer or

Any Answer at all

So PLEASE FORGIVE US for not getting all Gooey about Bud Selig as everyone else in the Media is Today. Luckily they don’t serve the Koolaid here that gets dispensed for Free in every other news room across the Land.

Here is how we will Judge

the Compton facility


Yes an alien word in most places across America and BANNED at George Bush’s White House. But here RESULTS are plastered across the walls at BASN headquarters in the Big Apple. Second only to DC as the BS Capitol of America. So far we have avoided arrest for telling the Truth. But it is not easy.

RESULTS will not only include how well the Compton facility succeeds in seeding Baseball with more young African American players but maybe more to the point how many MORE Urban Baseball Academies will be Built ??

So far NONE

While of course there was Vague talk – it goes with the Territory ( see above ) – Tuesday at the Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies about MORE Academies but no NEW Academies nor were any specific plans were announced.

What does that tell you ??

Keep in mind even with the first Academy MLB only paid a portion of the reported $10 Million of the cost of the center which offers no Optimism at all about MORE Academies. It would seem clear they will ONLY materialize if someone else other than MLB foots much of the Bill.

And think about this ..

At a minimum it would have been so logical and fair to build an EAST Coast Academy to balance the first WEST Coast Academy. Even more. Washington DC would have been the perfect place with the new MLB franchise, all the controversy with Baseball taking DC for a Stadium Ride, the fact MLB will make a windfall selling the team finally, AND with DC having one of the largest Black populations in the nation. Still NO Academy. There.

Here is some more ..

The Compton Academy will not be reserved for African American youth it will be for all urban youth of all racial and ethnic background. Which is fine in its own way. But the fact that 50% of the kids coming to the Academy may not be African American is going to do nothing to bring more African Americans back to Baseball. There is NO such concern about diversity in all the many academies MLB has developed in Latin America.

In the Dominican Republic where MLB could well become the largest employer and contribute half the country’s GNP Baseball has no concerns about catering exclusively to Dominicans. They don’t import kids from other places.

As for Commissioner Selig

receiving Endless Praise everywhere

except Right Here in the Box

We are left to wonder why he has such a problem saying “African American” specially at pivotal moments such as the opening of the New Urban Baseball Academy in Compton on Tuesday. Here is his Keynote Quote reported heavily on the MLB Website and all over the Media …

Bud Selig in his own Words …

“There is nothing we value more than increasing interest and participation in baseball among the youth of our country, particularly among those who live in the inner cities.” We in Major League Baseball recognize our role and responsibility as a social institution, and if we are going to meet the expectations of our fans in this area of diversity and equality, this platform — the Baseball Youth Academy — is a very significant step.”

Bud again …

” Those who live in the inner cities.”


” African Americans ”

So we’ll be watching the Compton Experiment closely for Results and Expansion to other cities. We will judge Bud Selig on more than his Words and some modest deeds. The fact is Selig puts a nice face on Baseball by constantly lamenting “the lack of those who live in the inner cities” in Baseball while African Americans disappear from Baseball. And as we point out repeatedly Selig has done NOTHING to end the anti-Black scandal in the MLB Umpire corps. And even after almost a decade of Selig as Commissioner there are NO Black owners and just ONE African American General Manager.




That’s Right

unlike the Other Media

we don’t drink

The Koolaid

Thank God Somebody doesn’t !

it’s what makes us Different

than the Times and ESPN