Forget Church and Watch This

Updated: April 19, 2006





What has not happened at NASCAR

in 7000 days on the Raceway

20 years if you prefer

( you know )

A Black Driver racing

in a Major Event

No more truck racing ! This is the Real Deal. Lester will race SUNDAY in the Golden Corral 500 at the Atlanta Speedway. It’s been a very long time coming. And Bill Lester deserves all the Credit. Forced to race in the truck division for the last few years he has never given up the Dream.

As a matter of fact here is a dose of Irony. After qualifying for the Big Race Friday night guess what Lester did. He went out on the Track again to race Trucks. Now could you imagine any of the other main event drivers doing that. Let’s hope it was an example of Lester’s self-confidence not insecurity.

In the Qualifiers Friday night in Atlanta Lester came in with the 19th best qualifying speed in the chosen field of 35 with an average speed of 190.502 miles. Even more actually only 17 of the 35 drivers had to qualify to be part of Sunday’s race and Lester had the fastest time of all 17. To protect ourselves we will add the disclaimer do not try that in your car or on public roads.

So what is Sunday really about

and why should you watch on tv

First and foremost because Billy Lester deserves the moral support. Second because you have never seen an African American compete in division one NASCAR. Third to remind yourself how Lily White NASCAR is even in the 21st century. Fourth to graphically remind yourself there is NO reason on Earth lots of the drivers in those hopped up cars are not Black. No good reason at all. And Fifth watching and noting that NASCAR could have lots of African American in those hummungous race track grand stands IF they really cared.

Some history ….

With Sunday’s race Lester will become only the 4th African American in history to race in a NASCAR Cup event. Wendell Scott is the first Black driver to ever win a NASCAR race in a national race back in 1956. The last African American to race in the NASCAR big car races was Willy T. Ribbs back in 1986.

Bill Lester was a tech industry professional with a very good career before the Siren Call of the Raceway got the better of him in 1998 with the full support of his wife. Now today at 45 and with wife Cheryl 9 months pregnant it all seems worthwhile. This Sunday afternoon.

Lester was the talk of the Speedway Friday night. Both because of his fast qualifying speed and his notoriety. The good side of that attention is that the NASCAR world and the media are at least aware of the absence of Black Americans in NASCAR even if they do almost nothing about it.

Some more Irony ..

While most of the other Drivers have as the sponsor of their teams the cream of the cream of Corporate America. Yo name the company be sure one of these drivers has them as their Sponsor. Who does Lester have. They are a big bad company but they are also Waste Management.

That’s both Amusing and Satirical

and worthy of Praise

So where does Billy Lester go from here. If he pulls off an Upset and wins the Race in Atlanta Sunday he’ll be headed to front pages across America Monday and instant Fame. More likely Lester will go on to race 2 more NASCAR big car events this rae season with Waste Management sponsorship and even more if he does well. If things go really well and Waste Management stays Enlightened Billy Lester is planning to race full time NASCAR Cup on 2007.

Maybe with more Big Name Sponsors ??

So Lester’s race Sunday

in Atlanta

may prove a significant development

for Motorsports in America

or nothing much again

What we can all do is


and cheer Lester on this Race

and for Races to come.