Drama Soriano Saga Grows Tense

Updated: April 19, 2006






It is the most unusual story in Sports

Right Now

with the Potential to be

of Tremendous Importance

It’s about all of Us

and it became more Riveting

Monday evening

For the first time in anyone’s memory probably never for a Star Player at the start of Monday night’s DC Nationals exhibition home game with the Dodgers in Viera, Florida only 8 players emerged from Washington’s dugout. Sitting on the Bench refusing to take the Field was embattled Alfonso Soriano.

As everyone stood around stunned for a moment most of all Manager Frank Robinson, Alfonso Soriano made one of the most remarkable decisions in sports history, he stood up against the Abuse of Power and made it crystal clear he would NOT take the Field to play Outfield for the Nationals.

Alfonso Soriano is a Brave Man

Here we call him a HERO

while the rest of the media, Washington DC, and Baseball vilify Alfonso for refusing to play the part of the Contrite Slave willing to do whatever “his” Master tell him to do.

Looks like we are still

a nation of Plantation worshippers

Alfonso Soriano was Screwed

pure and simple

but no matter

He is still expected to Bend Over

for the Man

Screw them Alfonso

keep your Dignity and your Rights

For those of you who have not been following this Saga especially those of you who don’t have the good sense to read the Box each and every day, we’ll summarize it yet again. Very briefly. Without a word to Soriano Texas decided last December in the off season to trade Alfonso Soriano’s contract to the Nationals to save some payroll money.

The Nationals without even a word to Soriano let alone extensive discussions or Soriano’s agreement bought his contract with NO intention of letting him play the Infield where he has played ALL his life since a pre-teenager and now 30, and even though he is a 4 time American League All Star at Second Base.

The Nationals decided for Soriano without any knowledge on Soriano’s part and absolutely without his consent that they needed another Outfielder and so that is where Alfonso Soriano would play. Now no established player EVER EVER in the history of Baseball has been ripped from his career position and even more in the Prime of His Career, as explained above and FORCED to play another position completely alien to him and which he has NEVER shown any interest in.

If Soriano refuses the next 2 spring training games the Nationals have stated emphatically they will de-activate him, refuse to pay him his salary but NOT release him either AND they contend since he will not have played the year of his contract they will still “own” him next season AND for the rest of his life if he refuses to play the Outfield and play his contract year making it impossible for this Star player to EVER play Major League Baseball again. And making his talent which many MLB teams would fight for next season Worthless.

This is the kind of Scum

that owns the Washington Nationals

and who owns the team ?

yes indeed

Major League Baseball itself

Alfonso be Defiant

Soriano be Brave

you may have been forced

back on the Plantation

in much the same way as

Africans for hundreds of years

even if in a more ‘genteel’ fashion

but don’t let them

enslave your Mind

your Self-Respect

your Rights

Tell the Bastards to go to Hell

do it for Yourself

do it for All of us.


There is lots of additional hypocrisy and duplicity and cronyism and plain bad decision making going on here. Dig on the Internet if you like and you will read all the sordid details of the Abuse of Alfonso Soriano. But far worse all the stories and columnists in the sports media not only condemning Soriano but trashing him and comes close real close to racially savaging him. For standing up to Power.

How dare a Black Man

do that in America !

Witness the underbelly of

American sports journalism