Don King’s Big Day

Updated: April 20, 2006





It is odd timing

Don King getting a Cover

at 74 near the end of the Line

but there he is on the

April 24, 2006

Forbes Magazine cover

The cover story itself does not have much focus. King may well have been a fill in for some other cover that was pulled for some reason ? There is nothing special happening right now in King’s career or the Fight Game. Both are pretty much limping along. Neither disappearing but simply soldiering on.

Since Forbes is a business and finance magazine they give some attention to King’s financial health which is considerable. Forbes puts Don King’s personal wealth at $350 Million. Not bid at all. We learn that he and his wife of 40 years have a huge rolling farm outside of Cleveland, Ohio. As well as a very big and exclusive spread down in Florida. He has a private jet of course. That he paid for in cash.

Forbes certainly let’s us know

in his declining years

Don King is well Heeled

The story line of the cover profile is if there is one that King is fighting to save a dying sport. Well if he has not done that by now. He probably never will. His career as a boxing promoter predates Muhammad Ali’s rise and King has been there at every twist and turn. Of Boxing for a long time. If he hasn’t saved it by now. When?

The list of Boxers he has represented one way or another in one strange contractual arrangement after another stretches around the block. Most fighters you can name from the last 4 decades have tangled or if you like tangoed with King either briefly or for a long period as Mike Tyson did. But sooner or later each of these relationships come to an End.

AS Forbes points out King in 33 years has staged more than 600 championship bouts and brought in an estimated $1 Billion in revenues and producing 7 of the top 10 Pay Per View money makers in history. Not Bad.

It really may be nothing more than the normal course of events inside Boxing but there are certainly many Boxers who have sued King. Among them Ali and Tyson. King’s hard core critics accuse him of making a career of taking advantage of fighters more than managing them. Building his financial empire at their expense.

But the flip side is there are lots of Boxers who never would have gotten as far as they did without King leading the way and doing the heavy lifting. His flamboyance is another matter. It adds to his luster for some. Leads others to condemn him.

There is no denying his troubled teens and early 20s years when he was clearly involved in illegal activities and was twice accused of murder. Since then he has more recently been prosecuted for tax evasion by the Feds and been acquitted.

At one time or another King has managed Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis, Riddick Bowe, Muhammad Ali, George Foster Mike Tyson, Terry Norton, Christopher Bird. Larry Holmes, and currently Zab Judah among others.

It is hard to find a prominent Boxer

who has not been managed

by Don King

Can Don King keep it up until he is 80 ? Another 6 years. We’ll see. Probably after he leaves the Ring he will be in Court until the very end of his days on Earth. There are those who contend he has in fast spend more time over the years in Courtrooms than at boxing venues. He is legendary in both.

As for Forbes

putting King on the Cover

maybe it was a slow week

or maybe King

ran into the Publisher

and worked his

Razzle Dazzle

on Forbes

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