Divine Justice Everybody Wins Yes Even USA

Updated: April 19, 2006




After one of the unfairest calls ever made

in any sport let alone Baseball

when Japan had a run taken away

and got an inning ending Out instead

5 minutes after the play

That was Sunday when an American umpire over-ruled his fellow umpires in the 8th inning after it was clear Japan’s Tsuyoshi Nishioka had scored from 3rd on a fly ball and Japan took the lead 4-3 until an American umpire decided “fair is unfair” and ruled the runner had left the bag early. Everyone knew it was nonsense but it stood and USA won 4-3 with a run in the 9th.

The likely result was to be that USA would make it to the semi-final round as had been “pre-ordained” and Japan would go home. Well we now have a documented case of Divine Justice. Japan is going to the World Baseball Classic semi-finals and USA has gone Home.

And it is all about Justice

Our USA team should have gone on if they deserved but they didn’t

And the World Baseball Classical did not end up being billed as just one more example of American Imperialism. But it was almost about to turn out that way. Before Mexico stunned USA 2-1 Thursday night eliminating USA. Even though the Classic was stacked in favor of our guys with USA loaded with MLB SuperStars and other MLB veterans.

So instead for REAL Sports fans

we have true Dream match-ups Saturday

Japan vs. South Korea

( Far East )

Cuba vs. Dominican Republic

( Caribbean )

These games can be Savored

these players will play

their Hearts out.

It’s the best thing that could have happened to Baseball and the USA. Now the World Baseball Classic has some REAL credibility around the World instead if USA had won it All the Classic would have been mocked as a set-up.

The only other outcome that would have Worked

USA vs. Cuba

That would have produced The Classic Game

and ultimate Excitement

but at a Price

Everywhere else the Championship Game Monday that will feature either Japan or South Korea playing Cuba or the Dominican Republic will do almost as well. And even Better. And what is really going on here goes far beyond the Classic.

Baseball may emerge

as a true international Sport

and far more Exciting

This short series is proving even better than the Summer Olympics did. Major League Baseball could be expanded tomorrow to include teams from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Mexico, Japan and South Korea.

Not 10 years from now. Right now.

Each has enough Big League talent to field at least one team that could hold their own against current MLB teams and probably dominate many of the current 2nd tier MLB teams. And keep this in mind if each of these countries had MLB teams many of the players now playing for other MLB teams would be offered very lucrative contracts to play for their home team.

The problem for Japan and South Korea is logistical the almost “impossible” time difference. It would take some very creative scheduling to accommodate them. But for Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico and maybe we’ll include Venezuela, there is no such problem.

Take those 5 teams and put them together with the Florida Marlins, Texas Rangers and Houston Astros in a new Latin Division, expand Baseball to include this new 8 team Division MLB Baseball would become even more Entertaining. Baseball would thrive in all those markets and fans would flock to games here with these teams because of the nationalistic overtones.

On a geo-political level

In this format Baseball would serve to bring USA and Latin America closer as this configuration would constantly bring these Latin countries and their people into American living rooms and constantly onto our sports pages.

Of course the Bush Administration would Oppose this even if secretly and very publicly against Cuba being included. But we only have to put up with the Bushies for 2 more full years and obviously this is not going to happen that quickly. But if some of us were making these kind of decisions for USA we’d do just the Opposite and see this as a powerful positive Foreign Policy initiative.

So that is why everybody

including USA wins

by Losing

Producing a World Baseball Classic that in its final games highlights the high quality of Baseball in the Caribbean and Latin America and the Far East. Inherently proving they are ready for the Big Leagues.

And an enlightened American foreign policy

Time to say Play Ball

In Spanish !


So what does this do for African Americans ?

Quite a lot maybe. First of all it expands the Baseball universe. No doubt these new teams will add experienced MLB coaches, managers, executives and non-local talent to expand each team’s base. In may case these “international” teams will be less likely to keep African Americans on the Sidelines.

On the opposite side it may finally shock young African Americans and their parents to realize Baseball is an exciting sport and expanding Globally, and yes there is more out there than just Basketball and Football.