Derrek Lee’s Bad Break

Updated: April 21, 2006






This Box is about Fate

and assuming nothing

Sure it is about Cubs slugger Derrek Lee. But we drafted him for the Box without benefit of any Rotisserie League to make him an example of the place of Fate in everything including Sports.

Lee was off to a Great Start and gleeful about a new contract he signed a few weeks ago. Everything was going his way. This was going to be a Championship Season for him and maybe the Cubs. Then he broke his Wrist Wednesday. Now if he’s Lucky he’ll be sidelined for 2 months. If he’s not 3 months or more. Either way he won’t be swinging a Bat for quite a while. That does nothing for his Season.

Last year as everyone should know this African American slugger was the National League Batting Champion. He hit .335 with 46 HRs and 107 RBIs. AWESOME. And Golden Glove First Baseman when his hand isn’t in a Cast. That was before Wednesday and the 7th inning in Los Angeles. That’s when Lee collided with the Dodgers Rafael Furcel between First and Second.

Now Lee is on the Disabled List

until Who knows When and

they often don’t know

Now the Good News

Just two weeks ago the Cubs ecstatic over Lee’s performance last year and his early start this season inked a 5 year $65 Million dollar contract extension with Lee. And Baseball contracts are not like those in the NFL this is real money GUARANTEED. Had he not have signed a new contract with the Cubs he would have been a FREE agent for next season. Depending on this season he might have pushed the Envelope for even bigger Bucks somewhere else.

Now imagine

If Derrek Lee had broken his Wrist before signing the New Deal it is very likely the Cubs would have waited to make sure when he returns he is still the Old Derrek Lee the Cubs love. Also with it literally impossible he can now win another Batting Crown or come anywhere near his Output last year it is unlikely, and the Cubs would have known it, that Lee would have been quite as appealing in the FREE agent market.

So Derrek Lee has reasons to both be Happy and Unhappy. Based on the reality of Human Nature unless he is very philosophical about life he is probably more Unhappy than Happy about what might have been this season,

IF he had not broken his Wrist.

That brings us to Box Favorite

Alfonso Soriano

Soriano’s name comes up again and again and again as the most productive player in Baseball whose situation is very unsettled. The moment Lee went Down the Cubs began thinking of trying to acquire Soriano to play Second Base. That’s right Second Base. The position Alfonso wants to play. And in a park where he can hit Home Runs. Which Soriano likes to do.

Dusty Baker’s logic is what he really needs is to try and replace as well as he can is Derrek Lee’s Bat. Getting Soriano the Cubs would move current Second Baseman Walker over to First. Lee’s position. The Big Problem may be stubborn Nationals GM Jim Bowden who knows he has a valuable commodity in Soriano.

Hey Bowden a commodity that will DISAPPEAR at the end of the season when Soriano becomes a FREE agent. There is as much chance of Soriano staying in DC as quitting Baseball and going to Baghdad. On the other hand the Nationals know the NY Mets would love to get hold of Soriano. He could make a big difference in the Mets going All the Way. The one more Big Gun to take them over the Top.

So we are left with this


we’ll see

as for Derrek Lee

get Well and no more

Bad Breaks

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