Daunte Culpepper Hits The Road To His Future

Updated: April 19, 2006





Daunte Culpepper

will never be to Football

in Miami

what Dontrelle Willis was

to Baseball there

Not any more Anyway. Culpepper has definitely left Town. Any day now. Maybe today. He and the Dolphins are parting ways. By the Time you read this although we’d prefer not a deal may already be Struck elsewhere.

Both Culpepper and new coach of the Fish wants a new Beginning. With Culpepper in play as a proven Quarterback available in an NFL with many teams who seem to keep coming up short when it come to the most important player on the Field. Always in Search of the next best Best Thing Culpepper is Attractive

Not that Culpepper is without Baggage

Injury Baggage

( some would say Attitude mostly Miami )

But that can be put aside with some trepidations maybe, but with the likelihood he is Healed. By the numbers 7 year veteran Culpepper should be entering his prime years at least for the next Few. A healthy motivated Culpepper with a good team in front of him has the potential to make some teams Dream.

But where will he go ?

That is the Question making

Daunte a newsmaker right now

In the running may or may not be



New Jersey’s Jets

how about ..

Baltimore or Arizona

Proving just how potent Culpepper is potentially. If he lands with any of these teams he will completely alter their Prospects at least until the season actually begins 6 long or short months from now depending on Perspective.

And of course this is a 3 dimensional game

involving the 2008 NFL draft

Each of the aforementioned teams are factoring into their interest in Culpepper what they think they can do in the Draft and whether they think they can find their Quarterback of the Future there. It is unlikely that the team that grabs Culpepper will be digging deep for a QB in this Draft.

While the odds seem to Favor

Oakland or Jacksonville taking Culpepper

if the Deal is not done by

the time you read the Box

The New Jersey Jets might be a Sleeper entrant in this Sweepstakes. Their # 1 QB Chad Pennington the injury prone Chad Pennington who has been out more than in the last 2 seasons is one more injury away from selling insurance for a living but who the Jets illogically will not abandon yet so that …..

Making a deal for Culpepper might solve their need for a QB they can rely on with Pennington resting on the Sidelines always eager to get another Chance and giving the Jets a sense of confidence while eliminating the need for the Jersey Jets to fish in the Draft for a QB they might not really want which could leave them vulnerable at that all important position starting Pennington and having an untested Freshman as a prime Backup just in case.

Whatever happens

wherever he lands

Culpepper is on the Road

out of Florida

where he will find a new Home

somewhere Else

and he hopes Glory

so do we for

All Black Quarterbacks

Whenever you want to reach us with comments or better yet an idea for a topic for the Box …….