Bowling For Dollars In Harlem

Updated: April 13, 2006




Why not Bowling

is it any less a Sport

than many Others


Yes there was a time 50 years ago or more when Bowling was BIG. And bowling alleys everywhere. And that included many Black communities. And it was only a decade or so ago that Bowling championships stopped being a nationally televised Saturday afternoon ritual on ABC.

Actually Bowling has never gone away. Declined but never in danger of disappearing. Out in the so called Heart Land there are plenty of company leagues and the like and an evening of Bowling is not an unusual entertainment.


in New York City

The answer is YES as of this past week. Two entrepreneurial African American women decided four years ago they wanted to bring Bowling back to the heart of Harlem. And in spite of obstacles they have dome it and in a spectacular way.

Meet business women Sharon Joseph and Gail Richards, also related as aunt and niece, who have opened Harlem Lanes at 126th Street and 7th Avenue. And yes they have a Plan. Like any Entrepreneurs worth the title they are thinking BIG. Already dreaming of opening a national network of bowling centers and doing their part to revitalize Black communities coast to coast while taking care of themselves.

Treating Bowling in exactly the same way every other Sport is bering marketed and monetized today at the Harlem Bowling Center, and others they may open they are not just selling Bowling but more over entertainment both for couples and for family groups and therefore Harlem Lanes is more than a place to Bowl it’s a great place for parties for kids and adults and other celebrations and special events.

And while Joseph and Richard are not so Bold as to predict their Harlem Bowling Center might become a breeding ground for young Black bowling talent that could earn young men and women sports scholarships to some major colleges ( that’s right there are dozens of NCAA colleges with bowling teams ) or go on the professional tour and become Bowling “Super Stars” you know it’ on their mind.

For right now

if you live in the NY region

or if you are visiting

head UpTown

and Bowl a few

in the middle of Harlem

if you can Spare the time

you won’t Strike out at

Harlem Lanes

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