Barry Bonds May Become The Al Capone Of Baseball With This Perjury Charge

By Gregory Moore
Updated: April 16, 2006

SAN ANTONIO � �And in the latest Barry Bonds soap opera, the embattled slugger is hiring Geraldo Rivera as a spokesperson just in case he needs to prove to federal investigators that he has nothing but flax seed oil in his vaults�.

Okay I�m being facetious about this Barry Bonds escapade now but you have to admit that it�s kind of funny. Well sort of. After all, how often does the sporting world get to see a perennial hall of fame player back pedal so fast when the feds come knocking on all his doors and windows? It�s kind of funny because you would think that an intelligent individual like Bonds would have realized that if he lies to a federal grand jury, sooner or later the devil would come collecting payment. Well ladies and gentlemen will somebody please let the devil in the house because it�s time for Bonds to pay his debt and that debt will not be on a perjury charge but on a tax evasion charge.

Now what does tax evasion has to do with this case? Well let�s not play coy with any of this subject matter. The feds will have a hard time trying to prove that Bonds lied to the grand jury but that may just be a ploy to get an investigation started on whether Bonds has lied on his taxes as well. That will have the slugger trying to leverage a battlefront on two issues and no matter how good his lawyers may be, he could lose one of those battles. It is also easy to surmise that if the federal government is looking into the tax evasion issue it is because maybe they have a case to bring based upon something else Bonds may have said in his testimony. The question is this: did Bonds say something about his finances that were untrue in his grand jury testimony and that is the reason why the perjury charge is being thrown around so easily?

With all of the supposition and speculation going on about this case, one can easily see why possibly there is another angle to this story. The tax evasion issue is something that has been thrown around by many and it�s been mentioned far too often in the media circles that are reporting on Bonds� legal troubles. But it�s ironic that the feds are looking at a charge that�s hard to prove and many think they won�t win. The federal government doesn�t lose to many cases when it comes prosecuting wrong doers. Somewhere there is a fire because we are all smelling smoke. Now whether the feds use the perjury charge, as the key into something bigger is an interesting thought. Keep this in mind, when Elliott Ness brought down Al Capone, it wasn�t on the obvious law breaking that they knew, they got the mobster on something �easy�; tax evasion. It�s easier to prove that Bonds lied on his taxes than on a witness stand and if the feds are just after him to convict him of something, don�t be surprised if this tax evasion scenario pops up more often than what it is doing right now.

PORTER OWNING THE BLAZERS IS A BAD MOVE FOR HIM Reports are surfacing that Terry Porter is rounding up investors so that he can purchase the Portland Trailblazers from Paul Allen. Porter believes that he can turn the franchise around but is buying the team the answer that everyone needs? I don�t think so. Porter shouldn�t be looking at owing the team outright and Allen should be thinking about possibly having the former Trailblazers� star as a minority owner. Here�s why I say this is a bad deal for Porter. First of all Porter has come up with $300 million in a market that doesn�t really have that kind of economic cash flow. Secondly does Porter really understand the issues that Allen is having right now with the club? Maybe. Maybe not. In any case somebody needs to have a little more information on the problem at hand and that is up to Porter to find out exactly what the issues are with this team. Lastly I seriously doubt that a bad economic model is this franchise�s problem. The problem that Portland has is the fact that for way too many years they allowed some very disingenuous players plays for them and these social misfits have ruined the fan base in that region.

Now whether Allen wants to believe that throwing more money into his pet project is wise is anyone�s guess. He�s a smart businessman and if he is serious about having Porter buy the team, then it would best behoove the billionaire to be forthcoming and tell the former NBA player what the problems are with this team and the fan base it currently has. It would be nice to see the Trailblazers back on a competitive edge but selling the team to Porter isn�t going to help it and if Porter really wants to be an integral part of the rebuilding process, he might want to really talk to Allen about becoming an investor in the team and they both try to save this franchise from the pitfalls it is currently experiencing.


I was wondering when the Rev. Jesse Jackson was going to throw his two cents into the Duke lacrosse fray and he did that this past weekend by offering to pay for the accuser�s education. Hold up. Since when did Operation PUSH/Rainbow Coalition get into saving women from making wrong choices in their lives and when I mean by wrong choices, I�m talking about being an escort? And why is so willing to pay for this young woman�s education when there is also another �victim� in this story and that is the lone African American lacrosse player on the Duke team. If the team gets disbanded, will Rev. Jackson and the local ministers going to pay for this young man�s education too?

There has to be some type of common sense in all of this when Rev. Jackson comes calling. The young lady who said she was raped may be in financial straits and if so, then it is her family who should rallying around her and helping her further her education. Now I�m going to be really harsh on her because she isn�t the only single mother in the country trying to get an education and I know way too many of these women who have actually gone on to promising careers WITHOUT stepping to pay for college. Yes folks I am saying that this young lady had choices and at 27-years-old she could have made some better ones. Yet the reality is that she did what she did to pay for school and that was her choice. An unfortunate incident happened with her involved and now the truth must be unraveled from this situation. Does that mean that she gets a free pass at an education paid for by the good reverend? Heck no that shouldn�t be the case. And if that does happen, I think that Rev. Jackson should offer the same deal to the Black lacrosse player as well. Now that�s just my two cents on that topic for the week.

PLAYOFFS ARE COMING AND DENVER IS AN EMBARRASSMENT NBA fans let�s all raise our glasses of a cold beverage and thank the Denver Nuggets for being the worst division winner in NBA history. George Karl should be taking this team to task for not playing hard enough in the regular season to be worthy of winning a division title. Now granted these titles are supposed to give you an advantage in the playoffs but the Nuggets won�t even have home court advantage and that is what those titles should help you do. And why won�t this team have home court advantage? Because they didn�t win enough games.

In my fourteen years or so covering this league, I have never seen a division champion like the Nuggets. They�re good enough to get into the playoffs but they were in a division that was devoid of any real competition. Yes folks the Northwest Division was that weak this year. Portland, Seattle and Minnesota all have losing records and all of them stunk up the arenas they played in as well. The Nuggets were simply the better team by default in that division. However that shouldn�t be their free pass on being a division champion with a bad record. Look at the other two division winners in the Western Conference and you see what division champions look like. 55 to sixty wins are what division champions do; not forty something wins.

I�m not going to be surprised if the Memphis Grizzlies bounce the Nuggets out of the first round. Heck Karl should be used to being bounced by a lower seed. I�m sure he remembers what happened when Dikembe Mutombo and his Denver Nuggets sent top seeded Seattle home crying that year. Denver was an eighth seed when that happened. Well this year Karl is in charge of the third seed team but the sixth seed is the better squad. Somebody go get some Kleenex tissues because the Nuggets will be at home fishing in the first round.

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