The Bomb That Dropped On Baseball

By Gary Norris Gray
Updated: March 30, 2006

STRONG>CALIFORNIA—Major League Baseball dropped the bomb on Thurs. March 30, 2006. There will be investigation this year by independant Congressional review committee.

The problem and it has always been the problem, why did they wait so long and why did they wait until the start of the 2006 season and with the San Francisco Giants star Barry Bonds closing in on the BABE record… Sounds kind of fishy.Bank of America, Home Depot, and Pepsi all stated that they would pull their ads from any advertising of Bonds breaking the record this week. Money could be the major issue not drugs.
The 2nd reason is congress told baseball if you don’t clean up your dugout we will. Congress would take the reserve clause away (which they should do anyway) from the owners and that is why the Lords of MLB moved Thursday afternoon. In other words they had no choice. This should have been done 20 years! ago when these drugs first appaired and a small group of players started using them. If the Commissior was a true leader he would have done so ..In the late eighties the BASH Brothers in Oakland are an example. Everybody was whispering, but baseball did nothing. When Sosa and MacGwire had that home run race years ago the whipers started, baseball turned its head… Because the fans wanted to see it and the owners wanted to but fannies in the seats. We are all guilty.
Then came, independant, non budging, out spoken, proud Black man Barry Bonds and the whispers became a roar. Is this about race ? YES to a degree because if Bonds were a famious white player we would not be talking about this problem we would be cheering him as he nears the record of 755 Home Runs . Baseball has been dragging its collective feet and it was time to deal with this major problem, just too bad for Barry Bonds and his home run records.