Teflon Bonds

By CEO BASN Roland Rogers
Updated: March 13, 2006

Barry and Godfather, Willie Mays

Barry and Godfather, Willie Mays

New York—Name me one American who hasn’t lied, isn’t unscrupulous or hasn’t cheated at something? Politicians, corporate CEO’s, doctors, lawyers, clergy? With all the controversy and new revelations swirling around Barry Bonds alleged steroid use I question the motives of John Q. Public and challenge why what Mr. Bonds has or has not done is still being vilified in the court of public opinion by a media for doing what so many us in our society did for centuries.

The integrity of Baseball is a sham. From African Americans being denied the opportunity to play and forced to form its own league to the Shoeless Joe Jackson scandal, the Pete Rose debacle and the Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa fiasco. Baseball’s curse is a reflection of a society whose values have deteriorated to a point and mirrors a decay that has mutated across racial and cultural lines intrinsic to the fabric of our way of life once cherished. The Great American pastime has indeed passed its prime.

Former and present athletes have come out the to denounce the current frenzy as nothing more than another witch-hunt. In spite of so call evidence to the contrary, The power structure abandon its current position even at the risk of seeing another Black athlete over take the immortal Babe Ruth’s total and relegating him to number three on the depth chart on homerun derby history -even though its presumed in some circles that the Babe was also Black himself.

America has to take its own inventory and ask why is wining so paramount- whether in Iraq, in cities across the nation or in our hearts and minds. The evolution of baseball parallels the progression in society and judging by the current pulse we seem to regressing at an alarming rate. We need to take a good look at how we see ourselves against the backdrop of inequality, greed, anger and resentment. Pride is now the mantra and focal point designed to encourage and rationalize what we at home and abroad see as condescension -yet we lack the vision, humility and compassion when it comes to hurricane victims and homeless people who’s only misfortune was being born poor and uneducated in a country which allows it’s arrogance and self-serving importance free reign.

Baseball is to blame for its travails-an institution that eats it’s young and most creative. Maybe if it stopped giving lip service and address the needs of the current historical belief like the controversy surrounding the new D.C stadium, built on the backs of inner-city residents taxes with no substantial compensation real or imagined, a lack of minority owners, black umpires, players and front office positions maybe the Barry Bonds incident could become just an asterisk, as Mr. Selig dreams, in his delusional land of the hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet. It’s an enigma that engulfs the entire country.

Egotism, superiority and greed dominate the ballparks across America and compromise in any proportion is distance and remote at best. The bottom line in the past is here to stay the future is to keep the status quo. No rocking the boat of financial enslavement. If one happens to slip through the cracks either co-op them into man servants or leave then adrift as entertainers and ostracize them from their own inner society.

What Mr. Bonds is saying is what’s good for gander is good for the goose. Hypocrisy is a two way street. The Golden Egg is surpassing Hank Aaron’s all-time record for homeruns in a career and Baseball’s guilt complex will allow him to get away with it. Barry has always been above the law.

In the immortal words of Frank Sinatra and John Gotti,

He did it his way!

In an era of performance enhancing drugs from Viagra to Botox magnify our predicament. “Baseball’s Comeback Player of The Year” Award is now sponsored by Viagra. In an ironic and damning twist, the 2005 AL “Comeback” Player of the Year was Jason Giambi’s, Bond’s fellow cohort.

Back when Babe was playing alcohol was the drug of choice and he abused it. Why blame just Barry? Society, the government, news media should all be held accountable for this win at all cost lifestyle. As long as we continue to support values that infringes on the rights of people for individual enrichment we will reap the karma of those decisions.

Barry and Baseball, two peas in a pod…