Sports Career Fair To Be Held At Grambling in April

By Tony McClean
Updated: March 22, 2006

NEW HAVEN, Ct. — While the history of Grambling State University athletics is prominently known throughout the United States, GSU’s reputation in the education field is just as prestigious as well.

Grambling State is currently the only Historically Black College in the country with a Master of Science program in Sports Management and one of the few with an undergraduate concentration.

Last spring, GSU’s graduating class included a large number of graduates with the Sports Management concentration.

In fact, over 150 students currently make up a large portion of the university’s department of kinesiology, sports, and leisure studies.

On April 4th, GSU’s Sports Leaders Association will hold its inaugural sports career fair on the university’s campus.

“Because our department is fairly new, we wanted to give ourselves the opportunity to see the field like other students in other schools have done over the years”, said Melissa Moss, president of the Sports Leaders Association.

“Many of the other majors here on campus have had career fairs on campus, but we didn’t. We took the attitude that if we wanted something done, we had to do it ourselves”.

The organization, which is nearly two years in its existence, has contacted several national and local organizations scheduled to be represented at the fair including Nike, ESPN, and others.

Ms. Moss added that several professional leagues including the NHL and NASCAR, as well as the NCAA were also contacted as well.

The fair will also include seminar sessions for students with company recruiters, sports agencies, and sports marketing companies as well.

Moss, a senior, added that this year’s initial fair will be run modestly by GSU students with the hopes of expanding the activities for 2007.

“We went to our professors and other students for some major input on how we wanted to handles this”, Moss said.

“We took that information and applied it to how we would put the fair together. After this year’s fair is done, we use it to see how we can improve on it for next year.”

Dr. Chevelle Hall has served as an advisor for the department for the last two years. She says that the students have worked very hard to make the fair a success.

“They (students) wanted to have this fair focus on professional leagues, businessess, and organizations that are seeking kids that are in sports management”, Hall added.

“They’re looking for these companies to talk with kids about the interview process and their keys to success. We want them to come away very motivated about their future careers.”

NOTE: For additional information on the GSU career fair, contact Ms. Moss at or advisor Dr. Hall at 318-274-4094.