KNICKS’ Season of Misery Continues…

By Jerald LeVon Hoover
Updated: March 22, 2006


The Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury took on new and unprecedented levels of ugliness this week as both verbally spared with each other. The shots and parting shots as well as subliminal and misdirected shots were music to the media’s ears. The only thing that was missing was a squared ring for them to do their thing. Ding! Ding!

Despite the rumbling and grumblings the Knicks managed to beat the likes of the Atlanta Hawks who have given them fits all season as well as the former world champions, Detroit Pistons. Although two of their prime-time players were ejected from the game: Rasheed Wallace and Richard Hamilton for questionable calls. But as they say, “A win is a win”, and goodness knows the Knicks can use all that they can get. Their mini two-game winning streak was snapped by the Dwayne Wade led Miami Heat, 111-100.

Aside from the on-the-court losing, the Knicks are still having major problems in the locker room. It seems as though neither Marbury nor Brown are mature enough to keep quiet and let things roll. Brown who is much more accomplished than Marbury is also old enough to be his grandfather at 64-years-old. So in some respects, Brown should know just when to cool things off and to stop sending little messages through the media. Those things should be kept in house.

There’s a fine line between being brutally honest and just being brutal with the truth or your opinion of the truth. Case in point, if someone held a family member hostage at gun point and you held the cards of a truth or a lie and it determined the fate of the loved one, what would you do? Now of course the NBA isn’t a life or death situation in that extreme but the principals are the same with regard to further damaging someone close to you or just letting things ride.

The Steve Francis situation is bound to get uglier soon as well if something isn’t done sooner. Although, Brown said in his press conference, “we’re goin’ to go with who really wants to be here and play the right way regardless of ego.” The trade for Francis seems to not have made much sense at all. During the dynamic Piston’s victory, Francis who sat the entire fourth quarter was seen seething on the bench, throwing his towel up in the air in disgust. He also made a quick and hurried getaway from the locker-room as well. And once Quentin Richardson comes back from his thumb injury within days who knows how much pine time he’s going to see.

GAME NOTES: The 125 million dollar audition continues as the 36th different starting line up was used by Larry Brown this season. In the Miami Heat game, Malik Rose sprained his ankle and will probably miss a few games which would enable disgruntled power forward Maurice Taylor to come off of the inactive list.

Channing Frye who was injured during the fourth quarter of the Knicks’ 114-109 loss to the Toronto Raptors will be lost for the regular season. Frye who was having an All-Rookie season was averaging newly 13 points per game and 6 rebounds will be on crutches for the next three weeks but should be ready for the summer league come July.